If only they noticed

Kathryn and Megan have been best friends since year 7 and are now in year 11 which is the hardest most exciting year because it gcses and prom. They are both having a hard time and thought life couldn’t get any better until there mum gave them tickets to go and see their favourite band one direction. Will there be love? Or will have to go to prom alone?


2. The results and a huge amazing suprise

Kathryn's pov:

As we went to lunch I was moaning about how hungry I was and how I wanted nandos. It was really unfair we couldn't leave school for lunch. We got I'm the lunch line and started talking about prom. "Have you go a date to prom yet" Alice asked
"No not yet " me and Megan sighed
Me and Megan were the sort of people who wanted to wait for the right person to come along.
"Have you got a date yet Alice" I asked
"Yes, I do actually. I'm going with Ryan." She answered proudly
"Oh cool " I sniggered
" why don't you go with Tyler he has not got a date yet" said Alice
"Maybe" I said looking at all the food
" can I have a Erm...... Chicken ceaser salad a cookie ... Erm and a small protion of chips and a diet coke please" I said to the dinner lady.
" oh and a muffin just because they look like ugly cupcakes" I said to the dinner lady
She gave me a very weird look as I gave the money and got my food and walked away.
As we ate our food we talked about what lesson we had next which was maths again we always have double maths on Friday. " do you think miss McFadden will mark our tests, we only had the test an hour ago" asked Alyce
"Yes it's miss mcfladden. Of course she will mark them she is super sonic at marking. Don't you remeber when she marked 100 papers in and hour." I exclaimed
Yes I suppose we only have 20 people in our ..." Alyce said as she got ineruoted by the sound of the loud bell.

Alice pov:

I walked to class. I felt very confident about my math test result. I was pretty sure I was going to get at least an A. We walked in and the test papers were on our desk we sat down and miss mcfladden said" look at your tests I was impressed with some of you but some people didn't even try" from then on I knew I did okay until I turned my test paper round. I got an F and F is miss being serious a F. I hate miss McFadden.

Kathryn's pov:
I turned over my test paper and saw grade A. I got a A on my maths test yay. I'm soo happy.

Megan's pov:

I turned over my test paper slowly and as I turned it I saw the letter A. I got an A I was soo happy. "Kathryn what did you get" I asked
"I got and A what about you" Kathryn answered back
" same as you " Megan said
The bell went as we all headed out of the school gates we said goodbye to everyone and then me and Kathryn walked home. Me and Kathryn next door to each other and my mum is always at Kathryn's house after school everyday.
" what do you think Alice got in her maths test" Kathryn asked
" looking how moody she was proberly an F " laughed Megan
We got to my house and opened the door and ran into the living room and we both shouted " we got an A on our maths test today"
Our mums had a smile on our face and handed us a blue evelope that had green writing on which said for Kathryn and Megan.

Kathryn's pov :
An evelope what was going to be in this envelope. Me and Megan open it slowly and see what inside we take out two tickets and two VIP passes. We didn't know what they were for till well turned the VIP passes around and saw a picture of our all time favourite band ONE DIRECTION. We both screamed hugged each other and ran to our mums and hugged them."thank you soo much" we both said excitedly. We ran up stair to my one direction room and stated to decide what we were going to wear and what our posters will look like.

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