If only they noticed

Kathryn and Megan have been best friends since year 7 and are now in year 11 which is the hardest most exciting year because it gcses and prom. They are both having a hard time and thought life couldn’t get any better until there mum gave them tickets to go and see their favourite band one direction. Will there be love? Or will have to go to prom alone?


3. Anger and stress

Megan's pov :

Me and Kathryn were soo happy that we were going of see ONE DIRECTION. I was very worried about how Alice would react to us going. She doesn't know everything about them but she still likes them and would like to see them in concert. " Kathryn, shouldn't we tell Alice that we are going to there concert" I said
" yeah I suppose. Shall we tell her tomorrow we only have one lesson tomorrow" Kathryn. replied
" oh yay one lesson and yeah tell her tomorrow" I said worriedly
" do u want to come round mine after school and we can make our poster for Sunday" Kathryn asked me
"Yes Defentally. I will see you tomorrow bye Kathryn" I said walking out of her room and down the stairs.
"Bye see you tomorrow" shouted Kathryn from the top of the stairs as I walked out the room.

Alice pov:
I still can't believe I got an F on a maths test. Miss McFadden hates me know I was her favourite. Well I'm everyone's favourite.

The next morning

Kathryn pov:
I was worried how I was going to tell Alice. I walked into school and saw Alice and Megan standing talking."hey guys sorry I'm late "
" it okay. Megan said you had somthing to tell me" said Alice
" oh yes, Megan came round mine after school and our mum gave us tickets to go and see one direction" I said happily
" what you are going to a one direction concert with out me. Why. Your surposed to my best friends obviously not." Said Alice angrily
" how could you say that we were the only ones there for you when you broke your leg and had a crush on Ryan. We did not tell anyone. And know your saying we are horrible friends" Megan said annoyingly
" yeah but .... But we'll your not my best friend know see you later loners. " said Alice as she walked away.

Megan's pov:

Did that just happen.

Normal pov :

As the bell went there was a rush of people to get to class . Kathryn and Megan's had a 30 min lesson of revising. Alice had to reset her maths test from yestorday.

Kathryn's pov:

Great me and Megan have half and hour of revision. I am so stressed out with all these GCSEs but luckily I have a good family and a best friend to go through it all with.

authers note:

hey guys. this is my first fanfiction that i have wrote. I have tried to upload as many chapters as i can because i have a dance comp on november the 9th 10th and 11th and wont have computer accses. i hope you like it soo far.

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