If only they noticed

Kathryn and Megan have been best friends since year 7 and are now in year 11 which is the hardest most exciting year because it gcses and prom. They are both having a hard time and thought life couldn’t get any better until there mum gave them tickets to go and see their favourite band one direction. Will there be love? Or will have to go to prom alone?


1. The last GCSE mock

Authers note:

In this movella there is a girl who is not a mssive directioner. me and my friend wrote this together and thought it would make a good story to put this sort of charecter in. me and my friend are directioners though.

Kathryns pov:

I saw my best friends Megan and Alice as i approached the gates of Great Aiden school."hi, are you ready for the test today" asked Megan.

"Yes, i revised all the last night" i answerd 

"Same am so nerves, if i fail i dont know what i will do." Megan said.

"well i have revised loads so i know i'm going to pass" Alice boasted.

we walked slowly to class chatting away about the latest gossip of our favorite boyband one direction.

Alice's pov:

I love my two best friends to pieces but who needs to revise. It's only a GCSE mock. Why does it matter if thy get a F grade its only a stupid mock not a actual GCSE. We then started walking to class. Kathryn and Megan were talking about ONE DIRECTION there favorite boyband of all time. I could not really get involved with the convesation because I on't know much about One Direction. i like One Direction and there music is amazing and unique but i dont know alot about them.

Megans pov:

Me and Kathryn walked nevousily into the classroom and closley followed by alice walking confidently behind us. we all sat down and started ur test. I sat there trying to work out the confusing maths problems. after and hour passed Miss Mcfadden collected in our test papers and walked out the class to have lunch.



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