These Boots Are Made For Walking

These boots are made for walking and they are going to walk all over you.


1. These Boots Are Made For Walking

I remember the day

You walked all over me

I got a pair of boots

They made me think of you


I started to laugh

Of how you looked

You held your head up

But I could see the tears


I thought you loved me

Then found you with another

I asked you about it

You lied


I thought of the song

These boots are going

To walk all over you

That is what I felt like doing


To you

But I couldn't

I still love you

It won't go away


You never talk to me

Just up and walked away

With not a care

In the world


I saw you on the street

You didn't seem happy

With your new love

So long Baby


I heard you cry

As you walked away

That day I will never forget

These boots are going to walk

All over you

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