Diary Of A Directioner

Hi. I know how everything bad is Management's fault. Haha But I happen to hate them. They organize everything. Not all good because i know in Indiana we don't get a concert. And other states. But then Cali. has 4. ( If you live in Cali. I don't hate you or anything I just think it's unfair.) I never win anything. Contests. Then I heard There's gonna be a Spend a 1Day with Each of the Boys. And I had to win. By the way. My name is Abby. I am 12. My favorite color is Purple. I'm not popular.


15. The rest of the Day

"Okay Abby What do you want to make first? Zayn asked as he set down all the ingredients in the correct place. "Uh The pizza and while that's cooking we can start boiling all 4 different types of noodles." I said thinking over the stuff we bought. "Okay what do you like on your pizza?"he asked. "Cheese or pepperoni. What do you like?" I asked. "Cheese please" he said smirking. "Oh and Zayn?" "Yes babe?" "What exactly are we going to do with all this pasta?" I asked laughing. "Oh were gonna make a big casserole and give it to the homeless shelter thing down the street." "Oh Zayn You're so sweet." "Not really were gonna eat most of it.""Oh well" I said smiling. "We gotta eat too!" We got the dough that was already made so we just had to add sauce and cheese. That took less than 10 minutes. I got the water boiling and through the 4 different types of pasta into the huge 2 pots. I looked over at Zayn and he was getting the big casserole dish and he had all of the sauces mixed up heated and pour some of it into the dish. Once the pasta was done I put some of the noodles in, poured more sauce, noodles,sauce and topped it off with a bunch of cheese! The pizza beeped right on Que. We got that out and through the bake in for about 15 minutes. We ate our pizza, ate some of the pasta bake, and then headed down the street to the Homeless shelter. A couple of girls at the shelter knew that he was Zayn and asked him for a hug. Of course he said yes. After everyone said thank you and it was really good we left. It felt really good to give back to the poor. Zayn really was a sweet guy. I thought of him as my big brother. He was wonderful. After lunch we went back to his house talked and decided to watch movies until we were hungry again. We got McDonald's and at about 9 o'clock it was time for me to go back to Eleanor's Home. Zayn dropped me off and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I knocked on El's door and she opened it and Smiled.

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