Diary Of A Directioner

Hi. I know how everything bad is Management's fault. Haha But I happen to hate them. They organize everything. Not all good because i know in Indiana we don't get a concert. And other states. But then Cali. has 4. ( If you live in Cali. I don't hate you or anything I just think it's unfair.) I never win anything. Contests. Then I heard There's gonna be a Spend a 1Day with Each of the Boys. And I had to win. By the way. My name is Abby. I am 12. My favorite color is Purple. I'm not popular.


8. The Plane ride.

I first had to take a plane to New York. So I stayed up. For the plane ride I was exhausted though. I had to wait for 2 more hours before the one to England.  It was horrible, but it would totally be worth it. When I finally got on the Plane to England was long. I fell asleep almost 2 minutes after the plane took off. I woke up like 3 hours after. And we weren't there yet. I turned on the Take me Home album, because it was already out. Last First Kiss was probably My favorite Song on the Album . After the album and A movie we were finally there. I grabbed my stuff and got off the plane. I tried to look around for Eleanor. I went outside and I seen she had a Limo and a sign that said "Abby I'm over Here!" and had a smiley face and a 1D symbol. 

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