Diary Of A Directioner

Hi. I know how everything bad is Management's fault. Haha But I happen to hate them. They organize everything. Not all good because i know in Indiana we don't get a concert. And other states. But then Cali. has 4. ( If you live in Cali. I don't hate you or anything I just think it's unfair.) I never win anything. Contests. Then I heard There's gonna be a Spend a 1Day with Each of the Boys. And I had to win. By the way. My name is Abby. I am 12. My favorite color is Purple. I'm not popular.


30. The House

Harry bought us a house. It was really nice. It already had furniture and evcerything. I ran to Harry and gave him the biggest hug.
"Thank You so much Harry." I said.
"Oh You're welcome Love, its really nothing." He said blushing
"Harry, you bought me a house it really IS something. I love you!" I said
"I love you tooooo." He said kissing the top of my head. I let go of him and went to look at the rooms.  I chose the 23d biggest room. The 2nd Largest room was my moms, so I chose the biggest Avalible Their were 5 rooms. Ha all decided to share the Largest room. It just felt weird to have our own rooms. So we decided to share a room and to each have our own room. Harry walked in.
"Hey babe, uh here's $1000 to decorate your room, I'm giving everyone else 500 to. To decorate your room. I feel really bad about what happend." He said walking over to me while looking around.

"Harry you don't need to do that." I said frowning.
"No Abby I want to. I'm also having people come over to do the Living room, Kitchen, dining room and other stuff. and uh I already called them so I can't cancel. " He said before sticking out his tongue at me and Winked.

"Thank you so much, Harry!" I hugged him. He chuckled and hugged back. I walked out to Bryanna and Kayla they choose their room.Bryanna chose the smallest room, but it was still very big. Kayla's room had 1 window,but it was really big.Everyone elses has 2 except the room we all share it has 3.

All of the rooms were white so we had to paint them. I was busy for like the next 4 days so I have to wait. Bryanna, Kayla, and my mom can paint while I'm gone. But I wanna paint my room. So my room will be dull and theirs will be awesome. It will probabally be all One direction. And I'm being serious. I'm not going to do that to my room, It'll be weird considering that I hung out with them.

My mom is going to need to get a job. I have No idea what she's going to be. She was a dentist until she had me. She had to quit. So maybe she'll be a dentist again, if theres any job openings. She's going around London right now so, maybe she'll find something.


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