Diary Of A Directioner

Hi. I know how everything bad is Management's fault. Haha But I happen to hate them. They organize everything. Not all good because i know in Indiana we don't get a concert. And other states. But then Cali. has 4. ( If you live in Cali. I don't hate you or anything I just think it's unfair.) I never win anything. Contests. Then I heard There's gonna be a Spend a 1Day with Each of the Boys. And I had to win. By the way. My name is Abby. I am 12. My favorite color is Purple. I'm not popular.


35. Morning

*Rock Me, Rock Me, Yeah.* I giggled and hit the off button on my alarm, and jumped in the shower.

After I got out of the shower I threw on my clothes and put a little make up on. I straightened my curly hair and put a headband on. I put my shoes on and then went into the kitchen. I grabbed the eggs, bacon, and Pancake mix. It was only 7:30. I grabbed the bacon and set it in the pan. I mixed the pancake batter and put it on another pan. I fliiped the bacon and Bryanna walked out.

"I smell Bacon!" She said as she sat on the Kitchen Island.
"Yeah and Pancakes, and soon Eggs!" I said as I put the cooked bacon on a plate. I rinsed out the pan and then flipped the pancakes. I put the pan back on and cracked the eggs.  Bryanna grabbed the t.v remote and put n Here Comes Honey Boo boo. I loved that show. Kayla walked out and sat down on the new couch beside Bryanna. I woke up my mom and told her that I made Breakfast. She came and ate. I finshed and watched T.V.

*Knock Knock* I went to the door and opened it and seen Liam Payne wearing almost exactly thesame shirt as me.
" I like your Shirt" Liam said as he laughed.
"I like yours too!" I said as he took my hand and walked me to the limo. We got in.

"So what are we doing today Liam?" I asked.
"It's a secret." He said and then winked. I groaned.
"Okay."I said. 

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