Diary Of A Directioner

Hi. I know how everything bad is Management's fault. Haha But I happen to hate them. They organize everything. Not all good because i know in Indiana we don't get a concert. And other states. But then Cali. has 4. ( If you live in Cali. I don't hate you or anything I just think it's unfair.) I never win anything. Contests. Then I heard There's gonna be a Spend a 1Day with Each of the Boys. And I had to win. By the way. My name is Abby. I am 12. My favorite color is Purple. I'm not popular.


3. More about The contest and the Bus

As I continued to read I seen that You had to be over the age of 5 to enter. Which made me laugh. You get to spend one day with Niall, 1 day with Liam,1 day with Zayn, 1 day with Harry, 1 day with Louis, and then 1 day with all of them at the same time. I had to enter this contest. It was probably my only hope to ever meet the boys. To enter you had to tweet the boys ' Hey (one of the boys) I wanna spend a day with you' and then trend '1Day'. 'Ugh Management' I thought. I Entered the contest. It ended on December 1st. And today was November 2nd. I had to go outside now. It was freezing. I waited for the bus. I hate the bus. The annoying 8th graders who think they are SO cool. Then the 6th Graders playing Mario 24/7. The 7th graders are loud and think they're cool just like 8th. But I don't. I sit by Rachel. She lives 2 houses down from me. i don't really talk to her that much. I usually get on Twitter or Read Movellas. Hah. I know I'm Lame, but don't judge. 

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