I'm the reason whu in your dreams I will be. Your thought's are of me. Sweet things to me you say.


1. Everything

I'm your everything

I'm the reason why

In your dreams I will be

Your thought's are of me

Sweet things to me you say


I'm the reason why

Your heart follows me

Just for a reason

This relationship will start


Your voice I will be

And your ears

You never have to be without me

So don't have fears


I'm the only thing

That is your's

I will shine for you

As I sparkle


Everything to you, I am

You write just to me

You sing a song to me

I'm your everything


You are out of control

Because of sleepless nights

I'm your soul

That's the reason why


When you thank God

I'm the reason why

In your heart, I am

Your in love with me


Without a fight

You won't give up on me

I'm your everything

That's the reason


I'm in your heart

I'm your morning sun

I'm your power

Everything to you, I am

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