Through the Good Times and the Bad

A young girl, Ashley, meets a wonderful guy during the summer, Michael. They only somewhat knew each other, but the sparks fly when they get together. She kinda believes its only a summer fling, but it turns into much more than she ever even dreamed. Michael, pulls her into all these new things and goes along with on an adventure she'd never even come close to before. And soon, she starts believing in things she though were never true. It's an inspiring story about a great love, that no one could ever image.


2. Dear Panda Book, 8:06am 6/4/11

On Wednesday, June 1st, I went to the pool with Lizzy, Emma, and my sister Taylor. I hung out with my friends, until I realized Dalton was there too. He chatted with me and my friends for a bit. Then he, Taylor, and his brother Brennan asked me to play a game of tag with them. So, I played tag for a while until my other friends "kidnapped" me. I stayed with them for about 10 minutes or so because by that time there were only 3 of us left and I felt somewhat awkward. I went back to Dalton and them to play tag, and there he was.
Michael was at the entrance to the lazy river. My friend Alexis introduced us at the beginning of the school year, but other than that, we didn't really know each other. Still, I went up to him to say hi and give him a hug (he's a hugger). I invited and him and his friend Andrew to play our game with us and they said yes. It was around 4pm now, and while we played, he had told me he got there a little less than an hour ago. When we were running from the tagger, he kept saying "follow me", and I did. He kept tickling me, holding me around my stomach, and talking to me. I didn't really mind any of it, because I thought he was quite cute. While we talked, he said that he wanted to meet my family.
"No you don't, they're crazy", I said with a confused look on my face.
"What makes them so crazy?", he said in reply.
"Well, my mom is only 31, so she still has her young and crazy mind."
"So? My mom's only 33." (which is a fail because she's actually 35)
"How old are you?"
"Well, I'm 13."
We kept talking while he dragged me along. People asked us if we were dating, and we both said no, but I have to admit I wanted to. We went around the lazy river a couple times before we decided to go into the whirl pool. Dalton and Taylor were in there, and they mocked us. They said things like "ooooooh I love you Michael" and "come meet my family Michael" in mocking tones. Then I attempted to get away from his hold and attack Dalton, but I couldn't wrestle myself free. Even with my sterling reputation on the swim team, I couldn't kick myself out of his arms. So I watched Dalton get away and gave up. We went back into the lazy river, and my friend Kelsie and her little brother were outside the fence. Michael let me go for a little while so I could say hello to her. When I jumped back he grabbed me again.
He said that at 6pm he had to leave so he could be ready for church, and he invited me to go too. I told him I'd have to go home to ask my mom, so we got out of the pool to dry off. Dalton asked me what I was doing, and I told him I was going to Michael's house to meet his mom, and then going back home to ask my mom if I could go to church with him. Dalton said he was going with me because he didn't want Michael to make a move on me. I rolled my eyes at him and said, "whatever Dalton." So we all quickly got dried off and started walking. We only got a little ways down the street when I realized I had left my sister at the pool. I worried, but not for long. I knew Taylor could take care of herself and find her way back safely.
We turned onto Cayne street when Michael turned to me and said, "tell me what I already know". I was slightly shocked, and confused at what he was asking at first, but then it hit me; he wanted me to tell him I liked him. It was true, I did like him, but there was no way I was just going to admit it. So I looked at him and pretended I didn't know what he was talking about. He flashed me one of those looks that said you-know-exactly-what-I'm-talking-about. Then Dalton just went straight out and said, "we all know you like him Ashely!". I turned my head and glared at Dalton and said, "no I don't!", but I knew I wasn't very believable.
When we got to Michael's house, Dalton stayed in the backyard because he had a trampoline. I went in his house with Michael and Andrew.I stood by the door awkwardly as Michael went down the hall into rooms, looking for his mom. I told him I was going to get Dalton, stepped outside, and called his name. He came to the front porch and asked me what I wanted. I told him I felt weird in his house by myself and needed someone to talk to. Michael came out of the house a bit later and said that his no one was home, so we started to head over to my house. We only got as far as the end of Cayne street when his ride to church came. Since I hadn't gotten the chance to ask my mom, I couldnt go, but he asked me to be at his house at 8:30pm and the next Wednesday at around 6:30pm. Then he got in the red van and was gone.
It was just me and Dalton now. After a minute or two of silence, he asked me if I really did like Michael.
"If I tell you, will you leave me alone?", I asked back.
"Yeah, I swear I will", he promised.
"Yeah, I kinda do."
"Ha! I knew it!"
"Shut up Dalton! You swore you wouldn't say anything about it!"
"Ok, ok. I'll stop. I still knew it though."
I scowled at him and kept walking. Dalton is the person I've known the longest, besides my family. Our siblings were in preschool together, and that's when we met. So basically, I have known him for about 8 years or so. It seems as though he'd knows me better than anyone, more than Alexis and Cheyenne.
We walked and talked about the day. We separated when we go home. It wasn't that long of a separation though, since he lives next door. When I got inside my house, I washed my hair really quick, put on some kind of pajama clothing, and walked out the door again. My friend Emma and her sister live near Michael, so I decided I was going to hang around with Emma until around 8:30pm and go over to Michael's. I arrived at Emma's and apologized for leaving her at the pool. We went into her living room and watched Pirates of the Carribean. When 8:30 came around, I was too chicken to go over there by myself, so I stayed. Then Emma got a phone call, and the person said that their name was Emma, and she freaked and hung up.
At around 9pm, there was a knock on the door, so I got up and went with her to answer the door. There at the door was my mom, Taylor, Andrew, and Michael. I asked them what they were doing there, and they said they were there to get me. When I stepped outside I said goodbye to Emma, and my mom turned around and told her not to hang up on her anymore. That's when I remembered that my moms name is Emma too, and I tried to tell her that my Emma didn't know who she was and didn't know that she had the same name as her, but she wouldn't listen to me, some gave up on that.
All 5 of us were walking back to my house, and I asked Michael and Andrew how they found me. That's when Taylor piped in and told me that Andrew knew what street I lived on, and they went down it and asked Dalton where I lived. Dalton pointed to hhis house and Michael and Andrew went up to the door and knocked. Then Rachel, Dalton's mom, answered the door. Michael asked if I was there, and Rachel looked at him funny and told him I lived in the next house over. I thought it was one of the funniest things I had ever heard, and almost doubled over in laughter. He looked at me and said it wasn't funny, but I knew he thought it was funny too.
We got to my house, I went in my room and Michael followed. He sat up on my bed and repeated his question from earlier. Taylor came and sat on my bed too, and when I said I didn't know what he was talking about, she said that I was lying and my faces were giving it away. At just the right moment, Andrea's daughter, Brianna, called me for help with a video game, so I slipped off my bed and prolonged answering the question. I helped her figure out the controls, and he asked the question again.
I tried to run out the back door but he caught me. He was running too fast to stop himself in time, and we ran into the door, opened it and fell over. I got up from the fall before he could grab me again, and started running. Dalton and a few kids from down the street were jumping on the trampoline Dalton had in his backyard, and watching us run. He almost caught me again, but then I ran faster and ran in the house and locked myself in the bathroom. He got to the bathroom door, breathless. I was sitting on my bathroom floor, breathing heavily with me head in my knees. Outside the door, he was panting and trying to speak.
"I cant run anymore", he says in almost a whisper.
"I know, I can't either", I says just as breathlessly.
There's a short pause.
"Why won't you tell me?"
"You know, I like you too."
My heart fluttered at that sentence. So I peaked out and my sister was there with a face that said she wasn't leaving, and there was no point in trying to make her. So I came out, sat next to my sister on the arm of one of our chairs, faced him. He was still trying to catch his breath. When he had caught it enough, he asked me again.
"Now will you tell me?", he says, able to speak again.
"Yeah. Yeah I do", I say shyly.
My sister shrieks "I knew it!" and I shove her over.
"So, I guess you what I want to ask you", he says expectantly.
I know exactly what he wants to ask, but I wanted to hear it from him. Then my stupid sister chimes in and says "he wants to ask you if you'll go out with him!". I give her a quick glare and look back at him and he says "yeah". Since I had lost my speech, all I could do was nod my head yes.
We went outside and jumped on the trampoline until my mom said he had to go home. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I called Alexis and Cheyenne the next morning and left them a message that said that it was urgent and I needed to talk to them.
That was one of the best days of my life, and I didn't quite know yet that there were more to come.
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