Through the Good Times and the Bad

A young girl, Ashley, meets a wonderful guy during the summer, Michael. They only somewhat knew each other, but the sparks fly when they get together. She kinda believes its only a summer fling, but it turns into much more than she ever even dreamed. Michael, pulls her into all these new things and goes along with on an adventure she'd never even come close to before. And soon, she starts believing in things she though were never true. It's an inspiring story about a great love, that no one could ever image.


4. Dear Panda Book, 7:05pm 6/30/11

You have missed alot! But I'm here to talk about Saturday, the 25th. Starting at around 5:30pm or so.

I was on the computer when the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and it was Michael and Andrew. I was slightly confused because they were supposed to be out camping, but it turns out it got cancelled. The came in my house and started talking to my mom. I said hello to Mama, which is one of Michael's miniature pincers, and went into my room. I tend to do that when I'm starled by company I didn't expect or when I'm nervous. And right then, I was both.
I have a drawing on my wall of hands holding what is supposed to be a world, and I came in my room and started painting in the world. Ten minutes had passed before Michael came into my room; he brought Mama with him. My cat Molly was up on my bed, which was set up by the wall I drew on. Michael lifted Mama up next to Molly, and she freaked out. Molly was throwing a fit about Mama's presence. Her tails fluffed up to about twice it's original size, her back arched, and she hissed like there was no tomorrow. 
After witnessing Molly's fit, I suggested we go outside and ask Dalton if we could jump on his trampoline. Andrew stayed inside with my mom and talked to her about computer things because she is a computer technician, and he is a computer geek. Dalton let us jump, and he and Michael showed off to each other. I watched in amusement, thinking both of the boys were ridiculous.
When Michael was tired of being upstaged by Dalton, he wanted me to go with him to Andrew's house, which is just one street over. We went inside and asked my mom if I could go to Andrew's. 
"Yeah, sure. You can go, but only if you take your brother and sister with you", she said.
"Ugh, alright. How long do I have to be there?", I grumbled.
"You have one hour, because I'm going out with Jessica and Andrea tonight, and I need to take a nap."
"Fine. Thanks mom. I love you."
"I love you too prettyface. Be back in one hour or you'll be grounded."
I hate it when she calls me 'prettyface' in front of people to embarrass me. "Alright mom; bye!" I said, as I finally got away from my house.
I was annoyed by the fact that I had to take my siblings, but I figured that I could keep them away from me if I was with Michael. As we walked down Andrew's street, Michael had somehow gotten my shoes. I chased after him yelling playfully, "gimmie my shoes! Gimmie my shoes!". Then he said in reply, "Only if you give me a kiss." With that, I froze in tracks, startled by the challenge put out in front of me suddenly. I had never kissed anyone before; I didn't how to do it. I was a deer in headlights until Michael shook me back into reality. To make an extremely long part of the story shorter, I didn't exactly say yes, and he wondered why.
Finally, annoyed by his constant pestering, I muttered, "You're the closest guy I have ever dated."
"What do you think, that I'm gonna leave you?", he said, obviously aware of my nervousness.
"Ashely, look at me," he said, lifting my chin to look him in the eye, "I promise I will never leave you."
My heart jumped into overdrive for a bit when he said that, so I swung myself into the tree next to where we were sitting. He followed after me, still persistent about getting a kiss. I settled myself into a branch and thought about kissing him while he climbed up. He sat in a branch across from mine and inturupted my thoughts by saying things like, "you think too much", "listen to what your heart says", "act don't think", and "if you don't act, I will". With that last one, I swung myself back out of the tree, in fear that he would actually take action. He came down just as soon as I did.
He caught me as I was getting away. Then we sat down in grass, and he tried to get to explain why I wouldnt kiss him. When I didn't say anything he said "You have 15 seconds before I act". He counted down, but he didn't do it. Then he said, "I'll give you 20 seconds this time." And again, he didn't 'act'.
He noticed my uneasiness, and asked why I was afraid.
"I've never kissed anybody before", I said sheepishly.
"It's easy. It just comes naturally, I guess", he replied.
I looked around at my siblings, and he caught the hint.
"Hey Taylor, could you take Bryce and yourself away please? It's about time for you all to go home", Michael asked my sister. He knew I wouldn't kiss him with an audience.
"I don't know. It's gonna cost you", she said back mischievously.
"I'll give you 50 bucks if you go away and take Bryce with you." So, being the gullible person she is, she went away with Bryce.
He stood and helped me up. Then, we went to the side of the tree that would hide us if Taylor or Bryce turned around. He stood up against the tree, and held me close to him. He leaned in with his eyes closed, and I did the same. And then it happened;  we kissed.
It seemed longer than it really was. I know it was just a little peck on the lips - most first kisses are - but to this day, it lasted forever. It was my first kiss, and it was magical.
As we walked back to my house, he said, "second times a charm", whipped around and gave me another kiss, though he kind of missed.
My mom left with her friends shortly after Michael got back. Then  my aunt came and got my siblings while Michael hid. He stayed around until about 1 in the morning. We kissed 6 more times in between then. I had never been more happy in my life.
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