Through the Good Times and the Bad

A young girl, Ashley, meets a wonderful guy during the summer, Michael. They only somewhat knew each other, but the sparks fly when they get together. She kinda believes its only a summer fling, but it turns into much more than she ever even dreamed. Michael, pulls her into all these new things and goes along with on an adventure she'd never even come close to before. And soon, she starts believing in things she though were never true. It's an inspiring story about a great love, that no one could ever image.


3. Cupid Has Struck

I was totally overcome with infatuation. I couldn't believe that this attractive guy had even the slightest interest in me. It all seemed a little too good to be true, but I didn't really mind at the moment. All I knew is that I had a boyfriend, and was going crazy over him.
I called Alexis and Cheyenne the next morning, so I coud talk to them. I was so excited about Michael, that I was going to burst unless I told somebody. I called Cheyenne first, because I thought Alexis would be a little sore at me since she dated Michael once, and friends don't date each others ex-boyfriends. But I'm not even sure if she counted it; they only dated for a day. So I called Cheyenne, and she said that she was happy for me, and we squealed together at the cute parts. I don't understand why, but girls tend to make some kind of high-pitched shreak when something they deem 'cute' happens. Then I called Alexis, I kind of let it slip really quick, and hoped she wouldn't react badly. She didn't really seem to react at all, and it worried me. I decided that I would try and see her sometime during the summer, so I could see her face when I told her the story.
I hung up and got up for the day. Since I am insecure about myself, I put on pajama pants in about 80 degree weather, and a tye-dye shirt. Cheyenne came over to have a girlish fit with me, and after our girlish fit, Michael and Andrew came over. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. We played video games, and he made me sit on his lap. I thought that it was a bit warm to be doing that, but I didn't mind, because I got to get close to him.
When we all got bored of that, we went to watch a movie in my room. We arranged ourselves on my bed, which was the top bunk on my bunkbed. We put in the movie 'Me, Myself, and Irene'. I hadn't told my mom about me and Michael yet, so every time her friend Andrea came in the room, we separated ourselves as quickly as we could. We watched the movie, and at around 10pm my mom made Andrew and Michael go home.
Cheyenne and I put on the bikinis she brought over and watched paranormal activity 2 (it didn't scare me as much as number 1 did). We fell alseep in our bikinis, and then when I was sitting on the floor, Andrew and Michael came in without knocking. I hid myself in my blanket and forced him to leave until we were dressed. Then we went out, to start a new adventure for the day.
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