fans go crazy for one direction

this story is about 5 best friends who meet one direction on there tour in the united states!!


1. on the airplane

dear diary

today me and my friend holly and my other friend chloe and kim are going to see one direction in amirca as that was the only place we could see them so we then decided to go to florida to go see it i am not from amirca im from ireland so then we decided that we would go see them there as we got on the aeroplane we saw elanor calder and louis!!!! In first class as hollys dad is rich and he got onto first class and it was awesome i then walked down there as then i by accident bunmped into elanor"sorry" i said"its alright" then i walked away with a grin on my face i might be friends with elanor calder soon this is amazing good as well she is going out with a 1d band member!

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