Take Two *Action*

This is a sequel to "Act Like Lovers". April Cash has finally found her future husband Harry Styles. They belive there life has finallay settled down and there ready to start a life together but then an old friend of Aprils shows up. More like the love of her life thats supposed to be dead. Percy.


2. Suprise guest

(Harrys POV)

  I hear Percy's voice and he is probably the only man that would be able to take April away from me. I look back at her with a horrified look on her face and she begins to hesitate than passed out. Everyone gasp as I bend down and begin to help  her up. Next thing I know percy is becide me but I give him a angry glare and Louis comes to help me instead. "April are you ok?" She does not answer me and then Her sister is by my side."Move Harry." I look at her strangley and then remember she is a doctor.She takes April blood pulse and then looks at her pupils. " She is unconcious and hit ther head slightly hard. She will be fine but is likley to stay like this a few hours. You dont have to take her to the doctors but you can." I stood up and Louis imediatley came in between me and Percy but I wouldnt hurt him.April would never forgive me if I did. " People, April is experienceing some sickness, we are very sorry and are going to ask you to wait here an hour or two, we will pass out food and if you have places to go feel free to leave. Thank you" I than picked Apirl up bridal stye and carried her to her dressing room and laid her down on the couch. May (April's sister)  came in a gave me a pack of Ice and I put it on her head. She was about to leave but i stopped her "May?" She turned around "Yes Harry?" I took a deap breath and let go of Aprils hand then stood up. "Do you think April would leave me for Percy?" She looked at me sadly "She was so ready to be with you Harry, loved you more than anyone. You helped her forget Percy but now that he is back I really do not know. I would love to say Yes but I can't just assume things Harry." I sighed and nodded "I understand, Thanks." Then she left. I wanted her to wake up and become Mrs.Styles already. I was so close to finaly having everything I have ever wanted and then some freaking dead guy had to come and ruin it. Then Louis came in "Pecy wants to see her...."

(Percys POV)

  After May left the room I walked up to a young man. "Can I go see her?" He gave me a death glare. "Let me go ask her FIANCE" he said almoslt yelling the last part. After a few minutes or so the young gentelman came back out. "Harry said you can come in but there is no promising that he wont hit you." I laughed "April woudl never allow that." The boy got close to me "You clearly dont know who I am. I am Louis Tomlinson from the currently most famous boy band in the world. We have reasources that can surely keep you as far away from April as we like." I laughed in his face, You cant keep true Love apart." He scolded me and let me in. I saw an up close look at the man she was to marry. He had curly brown hair and Green eyes, some what feminie like if you ask me ."Helo Mr. Styles." He looked at me and tigthend his grip on April hand. " Percy, what do you want" I sighed " Came here to get back the only woman I have ever loved." He stood up and backed away, probably restraining himslef from hitting me. " Where have you been all this time, four years  you left her to think you were dead." I sat down in a chair next to where April was lying on the couch. " I came back about a year ago after being captive by the Russians, I saw her with you and I thought it would'nt last very long and I could take her in. I dont like coming in between relationships. Than I saw her with one of your best men  Liam I belive is his name. Then she went right back to you. It was all so confusing and I surely that after this time you two would end it. Next thing I know you two are engaged and then getting married." He sighed " Why wait to ruin what was supposed to be the best day of our lives?" It hurt me a little when he said that considering all the memories me and April shared. "I had planned to just let you live happily but then I began to go crazy night after night. I went to therapy and my therapist said I had to confrot April or it would never stop. This was only three days ago and I couldnt not find you guys till today.  I had to let her know I was here in case she still loved me." I excpeted Harry to scream out and lash at me posibly break my bones, but he just sat there and began to cry. Then he said to me "The saddest part is, If she does wake up im still not getting  married today. I know she still loves  you I just hope she  loves me more." It hurt me to see a young man like this. he looked a little young for April acually. " How old are you son?" He looked up at me ''21, why?"I just shook my head "You look younger thats all." He smiled, "Thanks I guess." Than we heard a groan from April and her eyes slowly opend "Ha-" she stopped herself whe she saw me "Percy?!" She screamed and sat up. "What the hell is going on?"

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