Take Two *Action*

This is a sequel to "Act Like Lovers". April Cash has finally found her future husband Harry Styles. They belive there life has finallay settled down and there ready to start a life together but then an old friend of Aprils shows up. More like the love of her life thats supposed to be dead. Percy.


31. "She isn't ok"

I pulled my dress down making it just a little above my knees. "You look great." I turn around as See Eleanor. "You really think so?" She nods and rolls her eyes. "Better than I have ever looked." I knew she was lying since she was the definition of beauty. I grabbed my little purse and walked out of the bathroom. I sat down and drank a cup of tea Louis had made me and waited. The door rang and I jumped up and threw my heels on. I waited a minute before I  the door so I didn't seem pushy. "Wow, April you look amazing.." I closed the door behind me and gave him a hug. "You look extra stunning yourself Zayn." He shook his head and opened his car door for me. He got into his side and started the car. "How come you didn't ask Harry to the Premier like you said you were?" I knew I told Liam that and he probably told Zayn. "Honestly, I wanted to ask him at lunch but he had a busy day with Cara." Zayn sighed and put one of his hands on my shoulder. "I'm sorry April." I straightened my dress. "It's no big deal, so have you spoken to Perrie lately? I believe you two were communicating the
Week before the wedding was supposed to happen." He looked at me briefly than back at the road. "We talked and tried again, secretly without anyone knowing. It just doesn't work out, we can't click like we did before and I don't know what she wants me to do. Even though we got back together she wasn't any happier. It's kind of like you and Harry. She is fine with it now, we agreed to be friends." I took in every word he said, his voice cracked slightly toward the end. It was like me and Harry which meant Perrie wasn't ok. "No Zayn.." He looked at me strangely "What are you talking about?" I sat up straight and  looked at him. "If it's really like you say, she isn't ok. Your not honesty ok are you? She misses you like crazy and just wants to kiss your lips once more. She wants to hold you hand and call  you her prince. All she really wants is you to love her completely. Are you really ok Zayn because she can't be.." He looked at me and I saw tears forming but he stopped himself from crying. "I want to be ok April, and I really like you-" I interrupted him. "No Zayn, you like the things I do that remind you of Perrie." He nodded and looked at me. "I'm sorry you probably rather have went with Liam now huh" I shook my head "No, I don't even want to go. I'm in the movie, people can see me on the screen. How about you take me to Harry's and you go get Perrie back."
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