Take Two *Action*

This is a sequel to "Act Like Lovers". April Cash has finally found her future husband Harry Styles. They belive there life has finallay settled down and there ready to start a life together but then an old friend of Aprils shows up. More like the love of her life thats supposed to be dead. Percy.


14. Ring finger

I woke up feeling as good as I ever have. I had work today, an interview. Working always eased my stress a little since I had less time to think about my jacked up life. I got dressed in a Red shirt, Leather jacket, leather jeans, and red boots. I honesty looked fantastic, I was never insecure about my looks and Harry liked that. So did Liam. I grabbed my purse and checked my phone. Two missed Calls from Liam. I knew I couldn't talk to him. I checked the address the interview and called a taxi. "OK! Entertainment magazine building please." He nodded and drove. He is the only person I had been near and didn't annoy me other than Lulu from Starbucks, she was cool." It was only about 10 minutes until he said "We are here, that will be $18." I handed him the money and got out. I causally walked into the building feeling confident. I walked up to the front desk "I am-" The women interrupted me "April yes, please follow me." I followed and went into a room with a green screen. I saw Americas next top model Jay holding a camera, oh God. I had a picture shoot before but only once not like this..." He smirks and walked Over to me "Darling, you sure now how to put an outfit together, I have someone here to do your makeup and hair." He pulled a red necklace out of his pocket as if it was an everyday thing. "Here is a necklace to wear with that." We took pictures for an hour until we had two perfect, sexy, flattering pictures. I thanked Jay and got a picture with him. "Time for your interview he said and took me into a room with a reporter waiting and cameras around since they would record, and write down my interview. "Hello April." I smiled and sat down "Hello, nice to meet you." I leaned over and shook her hand. "So, tell me a little about Effects May Vary." I straighten my jeans down and smiled "Well it is about A girl named Stacy (me) Who becomes the best video game player in the world. People challenge her and she falls in love with a competitor. He finds out and uses her, but who's to say he might not fall in love to." I finish and wait until she it done writing. "Sounds great, now let's get personal." I nodded even though I was worried. "Why are you not married? You were supposed to Mary Harry Styles last week correct?" I sat up straight and went to touch my Engagement ring until I realized I had left it with Liam to give back to Harry. "Yes ma'am this is correct, we were supposed to get married but we weren't Exacty ready to commit to each other yet we wanted to make sure it would last. Instead of asking ourselves if we could live with each other forever we asked ourselves if we couldn't live without each other." She nods "Can you?" I sighed quietly to wear she couldn't hear. "We didn't get to talk about it, and now I have to live without him. Since he was in a car crash and is currently in a coma. I thought it was best to distance myself from the incident." She wrote my answer down quickly. "I see, that must be very hard for you?" I shook my head in a yes motion. " It is for everyone close to Harry, his fans I believe too." She smiled as I relaxed a little . " Have you talked to any of the boys since you left?" I nodded "Was it Liam?" I shook my head no. "To clear things up, me and Liam are not affectionate toward each other. We are close but not in that way. I left with him at the wedding because I knew he would take me in." She just looked at my for a moment "I have no other guesses who was it you talked to?" I ran my fingers through my hair "Zayn." She  laughed quietly to herself. "What?" She looks up at me "I think it's funny how you say his name." I made a confused face "How do I say it exactly?" She shrugged "Like you love him." I shot up front the couch "I do not! Why does everyone associate me with liking all of Harry's friends. I love Zayn as a close friend not attractively." She eased her eyebrows "You don't think he is attractive?" I lost tracked and yelled "Of course he is!" She looked taken back. "Listen darling you should sit." I shook my head "You treat me with no respect, and guess what. See this finger?" I showed her my ring finger. "No ring because I don't deserve Harry's love." Then I walked out not caring how much I was going to get in trouble and how I probably just got myself on the front page as a crazy chick with anger problems. 
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