Take Two *Action*

This is a sequel to "Act Like Lovers". April Cash has finally found her future husband Harry Styles. They belive there life has finallay settled down and there ready to start a life together but then an old friend of Aprils shows up. More like the love of her life thats supposed to be dead. Percy.


3. Leaving with Liam to think

(Aprils POV)

   As I woke up I look and see Harry wondering if the wedding was a dream but then I see Percy and sit up. "What the hell is going on?" Harry looks at me sadly and then Percy explains where he has been. " Percy, I can't just drop my life and be with you. I love Harry." Harry smiles and mouthed "I love you too" Percy sighed "April, if you tell me right here and right no that you don't love me I will leave you alone, forever." I choked on my words and looked at Harry his eyes filled with a sad desperate look. I looked straight at Percy " I dont love you." I expected him to sigh but Harry did. Me and Percy looked at him stangey "April, Your lying I can tell." I closed my eyes. Harry can read me like an open book and I excpected him to keep quiet but he did'nt. "Harry-" he intterupted me "April, I dont want you to regret anything you do and a lie is not going to make anything better." I sat down and took a deep breath. "Can I talk to Liam?" They both looked at me strangley. Then slowly got up and left. In less than a minute Liam came in. "Oh my gosh, are you alright?" He asked me worrily and I see the drink in his hand. He only drinks when he worries which isnt much. "Let me have your drink." He hands it to me and instead of just setting it down I drink all of it in one gulp. " What should I do Liam?" He sits down next to me. "April, Its not the first time you have had this problem." I smiled slightly at him. "Yeah, I know. The univers just does not waant me and Harry to be together." He shook his head quicky. "It just wants to make sure you guys are strong enough to last before you commit to each other." When he said it I thought it was something Zayn would say and I laughed quietly to myself. "I love Harry more than  have ever loved someone, excpet Percy. We just had something I can't understand." Liam grabbed my hand "How did you know, last time. How did you know it was Harry and not me?" I Shrugged " I just knew it, I felt in my heart me and Harry should be together." He nodded "What do you feel now?" I shurggued "It takes time, you cant just decide." He nodded "Postpone the wedding, and think about it. Harry can't ifluence your choice if you come and stay with me for awhile. Just the time you need to decide." I thought about it for a seocond. Liam and I used to be together that would be a little weird. And press and managent would so not be ok with this. But I have never cared before "Just for a while, Lets go." Then he helped me up, me still in my wedding dress and walked me to the car. Percy and Harry followed close behind. I called harry over to the window gave him a kiss and said "I love you Harry, but I might love Percy to and I cant get married loving two people." Then Liam Started the car and Drove me away. What a Bitch I was leaving Harry there to tell a church full of people.  Maybey I didnt deserve either of them.  But for now I had Liam. He was like the brother I never had and better than the sister I did.

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