Take Two *Action*

This is a sequel to "Act Like Lovers". April Cash has finally found her future husband Harry Styles. They belive there life has finallay settled down and there ready to start a life together but then an old friend of Aprils shows up. More like the love of her life thats supposed to be dead. Percy.


32. I don't know whats wrong with us

I watched Zayns car drive away and I pulled down my dress. There was a high chance Cara could be here but I didn't care, it had to end now. Harry Styles has to tell me he no longer loves me so I can move on. I knocked on the door and waited but there was no answer. I rang the doorbell and yet again no answer. I couldn't go anywhere so I sat down on the front step. I knew he was home, his car was here. I looked through my purse and found my old house keys. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Ready to see anything. I walked into the living room and saw Harry on the couch crying. "Harry, are you ok?" He jumped a little and looked up at me. "You scared me, how did you get in?" I held up my old keys and tossed them to him. "These are yours, but I came here to talk to you. First tell me what's wrong." He shook his head and looked away from me. He always wanted people to see him as strong and he was, but emotionally he was fragile. "Why aren't you at the Premier with Zayn?" I walked over to him and sat down next to him. "I asked him to drop me off here." He got up and pointed to the door. "You should leave." I looked at him hurt. "Harry I want-" He interrupted  me yelling. "Get out, you can't be here tonight. Go call Zayn." I stood up and put my hand on his shoulder. "Are you mad that I asked Zayn to take me to the premier?" He walked away from my reach. "Well, I didn't know it was that easy for you to move on." I raised my eyebrows and laughed sarcastically. "Seriously? What about you and Cara? I saw you with her, they day you blew me off. The day I was gonna ask you to take me. But Hey? She is a model, a skinny, beautiful, perfect piece of human being. Not getting some of that would be like going up the winning lottery ticket. She is everything I'm not and clearly everything you want." He had turned to look at me and seeing his green, watery eyes made me want to brake. But I would not show sadness, it's exactly what he wanted. He looked more hurt now than ever. "You think I'm like that? I wasn't with Cara to have a piece of her." I pulled my dress down and rolled my eyes. "I'm sorry Harry, just your attractive and she's attractive so why wouldn't I think that?" He looked at the ground. "You know me, do I seem like someone who would do that?" I shrugged. "You haven't been yourself at all lately." I began to walk away but I felt his hand grab mine. "I haven't been myself lately because I haven had you. I don't know what's wrong with us but I'm gonna fix it. I was with Cara, planing to get my mind off you. Your perfection is nothing to hers. I want you and only you." I saw the hunger I'm his eyes as he got real close to my face. "May I kiss you?" I didn't even answer before he leaned in and our lips touched. I missed Harry, his kisses and the way his hair feels beneath my fingers. He hit my sweet spot as I bit my tongue, holding back a moan but it didn't work. He laughed at my attempt then picked me up and carried me upstairs. 
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