Take Two *Action*

This is a sequel to "Act Like Lovers". April Cash has finally found her future husband Harry Styles. They belive there life has finallay settled down and there ready to start a life together but then an old friend of Aprils shows up. More like the love of her life thats supposed to be dead. Percy.


4. Drinking down worries

(Harrys POV)

 "She left with Liam." I say to the boys and push past them. "Have Paul tell everyone there is no wedding ok." Louis looked at me worringly. "Why did she leave with Liam?" I shurgg and continue walking. " I'm going to get a drink Louis ok." He grabs my arm "April would'nt want you to drink away your pain." I scolded him "Just like she didnt want to marry me?" He looked taken back that I had yelled at him. I sighed and walked out of the church and over to my car. It had "JUST MARRIED" written on it but I wiped it off with my jacket and threw it in the trunk. That was it I just was not getting married. Am I sinlge, taken, still engadged. I dont even know. I call April repeativley but she does not answer. As I walk into a bar I used to always go to before I was engaged. A bar tender yelled "Harry, is that you" I smiled slightly "Yeah, whats up?" He laghes "Hows marriage" I sighed " Never happend." He looked at me and nodded "Oh I see, today was, man im sorry.." I just nod, The usual please. He nods and makes me my usual I have about six drinks until a girl walks up t me. "Your Harry Styles huh" I nod and laugh. " I do believe that is my name." Then I see what she is trying to do. I may be drunk but I am not blind. "Im engadged actually, cant wait to get married." She looked at me suprisingly then just gets up and leaves. I did the right thing. Then I payed the man and got up. I slowly buckled myself and began to drive. I was drving no where and just turned on some music. Little things, our song came on. This was my favorite song on the albulm since it reminded me of April. Then I closed my eyes and enjoyed the music. Next thing I hear was a car horn then I open  my eyes to see a truck speeding toward me. No time to move, no time to think. "I love you april." I say and then it hits me.

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