Take Two *Action*

This is a sequel to "Act Like Lovers". April Cash has finally found her future husband Harry Styles. They belive there life has finallay settled down and there ready to start a life together but then an old friend of Aprils shows up. More like the love of her life thats supposed to be dead. Percy.


18. A smile

 I walked out of Starbucks and made my way to work. The taste of my White Chocolate Mocha filled my mouth and sent warmth through my body. I saw multiple people taking picture of me but I didn't mind it. I was shooting some of my movie today. My co-actor was Andrew Garfield who currently played the new spiderman. He was very attractive but was going out with Emma Stone. She is also in the movie. There great actually, I used to wish me and Harry could be like them. I walked Inside my dressing room and saw my makeup artist. "Hey Brian." He smiled and picked up a brush. "Hey girl, sit yourself down." I swear he was as gay as could be but I loved him and he made me look great. "So what are we Doing today?" He began to apply foundation on my face. "It's when your at school and Andrew ask you to come to a party, you know so he can use you." I nodded, this was my favorite scene. I liked it because I was the avarage girl turning down the popular kid and made HIM worry. I was almost done with my makeup when my phone rang. I answered it seeing it was Zayn. "Yes?" There were thousands of voices around him. "Where are you?" Brian was beginning to fix my hair and told me to put my phone down. "I will call you later, I'm at work." Then I hung up. After an Hour and a half everything was done and we did two scene. I walked to my dressing room and saw Brian outside of it. "What are you doing." he looked up from his phone. "Oh my god I wanna see what happens." I looked at him strangely and just shook my head. He is an oddball. I walked over to the mirror and began to take my shirt off until I saw someone on my couch. "WHAT THE!!" I yelled and pulled my shirt down. I turned around and saw Zayn asleep on the couch. Why was he here? I pushed him and he didn't wake up. "Zayn?" He just laid there. He always was a heavy sleeper, I made fun of him about it sometimes. I pulled my shoes off and laid down on his back. "What the hell?" He said his voice groggy as he turned over and I fell off the couch. "Zayn, why are you doing here." He sat up and ran his hand through his hair. "I was excepting something different." I wanted to yell at him for coming when I told him not to, for coming too my work, for everything. But I can't be mad at him for chasing after me, at least I know he cared. I flung my self at him as he wrapped his arms around me. I began to cry Into his shoulder as he held me tightly. "What's wrong?" I looked up at him and smiled. "Thanks for coming for me Zayn, I really needed you." He smiled and pulled me off of his lap. "I knew you couldn't live without one of us." I stood up and grabbed his hand and his suitcase. "I can't live without you, let's go back to my place as then out to dinner." He smiled and took his bag from me. "Change first." I realized I was still in my school girl uniform I wore during the movie. I laughed and pushed him out. I looked at myself in the mirror and for the first time since I got here I had a smile plastered on my face. 
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