I Am A Hunter

I am a hunter looking for my prey. To get my fill. I smell fresh blood and dew is on the grass.


1. I Am A Hunter

I am hunting for my prey

A tremble is running through me

I can feel the hunter's fire

As my prey stands before me


It is just the prey I desire

Slipping through the trees

I do it with ease

I am a hunter


I am hunting for my prey

While the dew is still on the grass

It sure is a deadly path

To follow it seems


I make a circle closer

So I don't scare my prey

Have to keep him in sight

Closer still,I come


So close now

I smell the fur

I'm behind my prey

So close


Now I will carry him

As I close in for my kill

Quickly I have to move

I will haunt my prey


I am a hunter

I take my fill

My hunt is over

I leave him still


The gun is still hot

The blood is flowing

Eyes are glazed over

So still he is


I am tired now

As I watch the last move

No life any more

I am a hunter

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