Gotta be you

18 year old Ashlee Shay moved to England with her mum after her dad little do she know her best childhood friend lives there. She spends a lit of time with him and all his friends and 3 of them fall in love with him including her childhood friend what is going to happen next


1. England im on my way

Ashlee's POV

I wake up at 5:30 to get ready to leave Ireland and move to England i really dont want to go but then i guess it is gonna be good to get a fresh start after my dad died, i walk over to the bathroom and hop in the shower. 5 MINS LATER. I get out the shower and walk over i the mirror and brush my long brown wavy hair and put it in a ponytail, i walked back to my bedroom to find something to wear i chose a green singlet and some jeans as i was running down the stairs to go and get some breakfest i triped and fell down the stairs

Thump thump thump thump

Mum came running what was that darling are you okay dear.
Yeah mum im alright thankyou, i walked to the kitchen to get myself some coco pops i ate them as fast as i could and when back up the stairs to brush my teath when i finnished i decided to go to the park i told mum i would be back later and walked out the door.
It took me 5 mins to walk to the park and when i got their i decided to start to write a song when some good looking guy walked over to me, hi what are you doing, umm i like to write songs and thats what im doing, do you mind if i take a look?? No not at all, how does it go well i only have the corus it sorta goes like this( its all about the little things all about discovering all about the way you got me its all about the way i felt when you came around and when you picked me up when i was down its all about the little things all about remembering all about the way it used to be its all about the little things how i miss those little thing) wow it sounds good well actually you sound good as well, thanks im Ashlee by the way, ohh right im Liam hey why dont you come and meet all my friends, yeah sure i would like that.
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