Young Bella lives a normal life, with a normal family in a normal household or so she thought. The mysterious re-appearance of her long lost brother explains why she has been........changing.......but will she believe it and will she find her mate where love blooms.Her best friend Stella also has something she should have told her but it will all come out!


1. The Begging

I finally finished tying my laces on my extremely complicated jogging shoes, I get up off the couch and walk over to the fridge to grab a water bottle " I'm home hunny, ready to go", came a familiar voice floating through the house " yeah of course I am, just let me grab my water bottle Stell " I shut the fridge door and jogged to the front and shut the door after me. As we were jogging along I swore I could hear the conversation two people were having across the oval of the park, but then it faded and I heard nothing. You see these strange things have been happening ever since I turned 18 last month like I get really hungry but then it goes away, or I have like super hearing, or ill get up to go to the toilet and my eyesight goes from stumbling around to looking like I've just turned on every light in the house. "Bella are you ok"Stella asked snapping me back into reality " yeah Im fine sorry I was just thinking" " what about Bell tell me please" she asked with a pleading tone " ok but come over here" we jogged over into a narrow alley " ok so spill the magic beans sister" " Jeez ok so you know how I turned 18 last month, well all the strange things have been happening like I get super hearing or really good eyesight at night, if I'm running all of a sudden I will go at like super human speed but then it dies down" she looked at me with a blank face, you could almost see the cogs ticking around in her head. " is there something your not telling me Stell?" " no it's just that seems a bit odd".

------------- Stella's POV-------------

Could this really be happening, this isn't supposed to happen to her till she is like 20 " Is there something your not telling me Stell?" I can't tell her yet " no it just seems a bit odd" she looked at me puzzled like she knew I was hiding something from her. " let's not worry about it now though, come on ill race you back to the house" she said as she ran off " wait for me!" I yelled trying to catch her. We finally reached the house, as we were walking to the front door I noticed something odd " hey Bell did you shut the door before you left?" " yeah of course I did, why w-" she stopped as she realised what I was saying, the door was wide open but there were no footprints going in or out. Her front door I surrounded by dirt so I should have seen foot prints this puzzled me, she was going for the front door " wait ill go in first just stay here if anyone runs out ok" I whispered and she nodded in response. I slowly padded my way up to the front door and peeked around the corner there was no one in the entrance " is there anyone there?" Bella whispered from behind me I shook my head " ok" she said as she walked up behind me. " Hello sister" said a deep voice from behind us we both swung around with our fists up ready to protect ourselves " Jordan, I-is that really you?" " oh I'm affended you don't even recognise your own brother!"

--------------Bella's POV-------------

His jet black hair down to his shoulders and his gorgeous wait didn't he have blue eyes the last tim I saw him oh how would I remember it was 12 years ago, but now they are an amazing gold. He looked good maybe he had been working out but his shirt was too small around the arm bands for his over sized arms. I took a quick glance at Stella she was standing there looking like a complete idiot she couldn't tear her eyes away from him, I looked back at him he held out his arms as if asking for a hug I gladly accepted sprinting up and jumping in his arms almost knocking him over. " wow I knew you'd be glad to see me but not this glad" he said with a bewildered look on his face, I poked up at him " Jordan it's been 12 years and you think I'm going to give you a flipping handshake!" Wow he's back my big brother mis back but why now? " we'll can I come inside or are we just going to stay out here all night?" " oh right yeah follow us" I said walking off by the time I'd got to Stella I had realised he wasn't following me, I turned around to see his blank face staring at Stella and her at him i clicked my fingers in front of her face but she just ignored me " Hi uh- um I'm Jordan, you are?" Did my brother just no no he couldn't have " hi Jordan I'm Stella, your sisters Bestfriend" she looked like she had just seen an angel " we'll I'm going inside but you two love birds can stay out here all night if that's how long it takes you to look away from each other!" I said and stormed inside. I jogged up the stairs and got into a comfortable pair of sweat pants and a tank top and walked back down the stairs and plonked myself on the couch. Stella and Jordan finally came inside and I could here them talking and laughing, there faces finally came into view as they came around the corner " hey Jordan if your hungry there is some sandwiches in the fridge that your welcome to" I said stunned to see the grin on Stella's face. She came and sat next to me on the couch she leaned in and whispered " you never told me you had a brother, or one that is so so smoking hot" " Stell you do realise he is my older brother " oh yeah sorry, but still why did you never tell me about him I was getting ready to karate chop his ass!" I giggled at her wide range of humour " I didn't because I thought I would never see him again and when he so to speak left it broke my heart in two" I said tears pricking the my eyes. I tried to push past the memories that haunted me for the last 12 years, ( these giant wolf like figures outside our door two hooded men running in and knocking Jordan to the ground and carrying him out while my mother was sleeping but she never woke once, I crawled under the bed and hid when two men were calling my name. Jordan was screaming saying I wasn't here that I was on a school camp but they didn't stop looking until they finally gave up I never saw him after that until now). Jordan sat quietly down on the couch as I snapped out of my memories Stella was once again stating at him like he had grown a pair of horns or something.

-------------Stella's POV-------------

He is utterly gorgeous his rippling muscles under his dark grey shirt and his hair is so perfect as it floats above his shoulders, his eyes are so golden they almost glow they almost seem un -human he couldn't be one of us he is....he a werewolf!
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