Her Brother's Secret ?

"Lucas likes you, Danie!" My bestfriend, Kassy, said as she huffed.

I'm Danielle, just another nerd who watches Harry Potter. A nerd that is sometimes considered beautiful but I don't believe it.

When I found out my bestfriend's brother liked me, I didn't know what to do. Maybe I still don't! We're going to Italy soon to have a vacation. What do I do when he tries to pull up some stunts? Help me PLEASE?


3. Chapter Three : Danielle's Bestfriend, Jake


Her Brother's Secret ?

Taco Tuesdays

Danielle's POV

Here I was, in Kassy's house. Yesterday night was the night when she told me we were going to Europe. I still couldn't believe it. Europe, really? Well, Kassy and I decided to skip school for a day to plan the stuff out. Lucas, however, was still in a bad mood when he woke up. He went to school and avoided contact with me the whole morning. Weird, right?

"So, how about Rome?" Kassy asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Definitely! I would love to visit some historical structures!" I replied suddenly excited.

"Okay. Where else do you wanna go?" she asked. Wasn't Rome enough for her? It's going to be expensive. They're rich because of her Mom's business. I wonder how my Mom will afford all of these.

"Don't worry Danie. Just choose any place you want. We're paying for everything. We invited you guys right?" she told me as if she was reading my mind.

"Thanks." I replied, giving her a weak smile.

"Really. Don't stress yourself out. With my brother acting like that is new for you too, huh? Just ignore these things first. Now, a place?" she asked giving me a wide grin.

"I was thinking of Venice." I told her, shrugging my shoulders.

"How did I not think of that?" Kassy exclaimed. I chuckled at her sudden reaction.

"Okay. We're going to need one more place." Kassy said after she finished scribbling 'Venice' down at her notebook.

"Well, there is this place I've always wanted to go since I was young. Is it okay if I am the one to choose the last place?" I asked.

"Shoot it, " Kassy simply replied.

"Okay. Uhm, I was thinking of ... Greece." I said dreamily. I loved those myths. When the movie, Percy And The Olympians came out, I literally fell for Logan Lerman. That's why my favourite Greek God is Poseidon.

"I love your ideas. Seriously." She told me as she stared at me, wonderstruck of my ideas.

"What can I say? I'm awesome," I dramatically said as I flipped my hair like how a cheerleader would do. Kassy rolled her eyes at me.

"Well, that's about it," Kassy said.

"This will be awesome!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah! By the way, Lucas said he wanted to stop by Paris before we get back. So it's like a 2 day stop." Kassy informed me.

"Oh, cool," I said.

"Wanna get some food?" Kassy asked.

"Yeah, I'm hungry." I said, rubbing my stomach which was currently making noises that were equivalent to dying whales.

And with that, we went to the nearest pizza shop.


"So, are we going to be staying in one room? like ALL of us?" I asked while munching on my pepperoni pizza.

"Of course not. It'll be too crowded then." Kassy replied.

"Ahhhh." I said, understandably. I felt my phone vibrate from my pocket. Somebody was calling.

No shit, Sherlock.

I looked at Kassy and gave her the look "Can I Pick It Up?". Yeah, we were this crazy. We gave each other looks and we would know what it meant. She nodded so I went out the shop and answered the phone.


"Hey, Danie." 

I felt myself smile involuntarily. It's been long.

"Hey, Jake. What's up?"

"I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out?"

"Why not hang out with your girlfriend? That's the reason why you've been ignoring your bestfriend anyway." I frowned

"Sorry about that. It's just that Katelyn always asks me to go to parties with her and stuff. Sorry for ignoring you for quite some time. So, can I go to your house? It'll be horrible if you didn't remember what day today is."

"Of course I still remember," I smiled sheepishly, "It's Taco Tuesday"

"Haha, cool. You still remember. I'll be over in ten."

"Fine. See you." I said before I hung up."


Author's Note

Sorry for not updating lately.

we just had Sports Day at school yesterday and I am really tired.

Anyways, here it goes! (:

Chapter Three! (:

The computer or the site is screwing up! When I type, it goes somewhere else! That's why I have a really hard time typing all of these. ):



Mee! <3

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