Her Brother's Secret ?

"Lucas likes you, Danie!" My bestfriend, Kassy, said as she huffed.

I'm Danielle, just another nerd who watches Harry Potter. A nerd that is sometimes considered beautiful but I don't believe it.

When I found out my bestfriend's brother liked me, I didn't know what to do. Maybe I still don't! We're going to Italy soon to have a vacation. What do I do when he tries to pull up some stunts? Help me PLEASE?


6. Chapter Six : Silver Sky

Her Brother's Secret?

Chapter Six : Silver Sky

-I dedicate this chapter to @NinaPotter8 (:

- Danielle's POV

The couple walked forward. The security finally let them pass.

Oh my God, it's our turn. Don't judge me! It was my first time to travel in air!

"Come on, honey." My Mom motioned me forward. I awkwardly stood in front of the attendant.

She smiled politely, "Tickets please." Mrs. Nichols handed all five tickets to her. She checked it before stamping it. "Thank you for choosing Silver Sky Airline. Please enjoy your flight and proceed through this way!" She pointed to the giant tube thing. Where you get in the plane I suppose.

Mrs. Nichols nodded gratefully to the attendant as a 'Thank You' as we shuffled to the plane.

It's a going to be a long flight." Lucas huffed, walking next to me. "I'm probably going to be sleeping through it all," He shrugged as I chuckled.

"Sure." I replied, rolling my eyes.

We stepped in and looked for our seats. Kassy's seat number was J10 and Lucas' was J11. They're going to sit together then. That's bad luck. They're going to be quarelling the whole way. I sighed the thought. I put aside the idea and checked my ticket.


I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "Mum, what seat number are you?"

"J12, why?" She asked, putting her backpack in the container above te seats.

"Mine says K15." I said as I passed her the ticket. Mrs. Nichols' eyes widened, "There must be some kind of mistake! I should get the attendant for help. I'll be righ-"

"There's no need Mrs. Nichols. I am fine with it." I laughed nervously, obviously not wanting to start a scence. My Mom frowned as I said the words, "Are you sure honey? Section K is in the right side of the plane."

I nodd as I make my way Section K. Hm, K11, K12, K13, K14... Aha! K15! I squeeze myself to the window seat, trying to position myself. I look out the window. Well, at least i'll be getting a view.

Just then, I felt the seat next to me sink. I looked to my left and saw a guy. He had blonde ruffly hair. I'm guessing he was young, maybe 17? But heck, he looks cute. He noticed me looking at him and smiled, "A photograph would last longer you know."

My eyes widened as I slouched down. He probably thought I was gawking at him. I covered my face with my hands to hide my heated face. Why me?! I heard a half-hearted laugh. It made me more embarrassed. I muttered to myself about how stupid I am.

"It's okay, there's no need to be embarrassed. It's not everyday I catch a beautiful girl staring at me." He chuckled lightly.

Did he say beautiful? Oh my God, now it's impossible to get up. I had to hide the fact that I was affected by his words. That's right. I had to be cool. I peeked through my hands to see if he was still looking. Sighing, I gave up and removed my hands off my face.

"I'm Riley, by the way." He said, reaching out his hand.

"Danielle, Dani for short." I replied, shaking his hand. Riley raised his eyebrow.

"What? Did I so something wrong?" I asked. "N-No, it's just that 'Dani' sounds like a name for an 80 year old woman." He said, trying to hold in his laugh.

I hit him in the arm, "Don't mess with me." I exclaimed, trying to keep a straight face. But of course, being me, I can't stay mad and smiled.

He put his finger to his chin, "Hmm, how about Elle?"

I wanted 'Elle' as my nickname before but Kassy always said 'Dani' was cute so I kind of just went with her. I stayed silent.

"I'm taking that as a yes." He said as I roll my eyes.

"Whatever." I replied, smiling because someone is finally calling me by the name I wanted to be called before.

Suddenly, the captain spoke through the speakers. "Good morning passengers, it is Captain John Smith talking. We are taking off in a few minutes so please make sure your seatbelts are on. A life vest is under your seats for emergency but do not worry because there had never been an accident with Silver Sky Airlines. If in need of assistance, please feel free to press the green button next to your seat to call for help. Thank you once again for choosing Silver Sky Airlines."

I closed my eyes. In a few minutes, we'd be flying and I will be dying. I'm scared of heights! There I said it!

"Are you okay?" Riley asked as he poked me. 

"Yeah, just nervous."

"First time?"


"It's gonna be okay, just tell me if you need a bag or something." He assured me.

 I wonder how this whole flight is going to be.



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