Her Brother's Secret ?

"Lucas likes you, Danie!" My bestfriend, Kassy, said as she huffed.

I'm Danielle, just another nerd who watches Harry Potter. A nerd that is sometimes considered beautiful but I don't believe it.

When I found out my bestfriend's brother liked me, I didn't know what to do. Maybe I still don't! We're going to Italy soon to have a vacation. What do I do when he tries to pull up some stunts? Help me PLEASE?


4. Chapter Four : Lucas as Jake ?


Her Brother's Secret?

Chapter Four : Lucas as Jake ?

Danielle’s POV

Lastly, I placed the cheese on top of my taco. ‘This is going to taste awesome!’ I thought. I picked up my taco as I hummed and placed it at a plate. Like A Sir. Aren’t I funny? I just finished making my taco, Jake was going to be here soon. I smiled just thinking of that, it had been long since Jake and I talked, or even saw each other. Sigh.


My phone just received a message, that must be Jake.

‘Hey Danie,

Sorry it’s last minute but I can’t make it.

Katelyn and I are going to a party.

I’m so sorry, I’m gonna make it up for you next time.

I promise.’

I kept on re-reading the last two words in my head. ‘I Promise’. That’s a strong word to use. He promised me that a long time ago. Yet, it’s broken. Again.

‘Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.’

I typed. But of course, like every other time, I was too much of a coward to lose a friendship. I deleted the whole thing.

‘Oh, it’s okay.’

I typed. I looked at it over and over again before I hit ‘send’. I threw my phone over the couch. I can’t believe he ditched me again. Tears were now threatening to fall. Jake had been my bestfriend since kindergarten. He would help me when bullies were around but now, it felt like as if he didn't care about me anymore. I was crying too much that I didn’t notice someone come in.

“Hello?” I heard Lucas call out.

I immediately went on panic mode, if he saw me like this, I’m dead. No one ever had seen me cry. I stood up and went to the kitchen to make a run for the tissue but bad choice, Lucas was there.

“Oh, Hey Danielle, I was thinkin-“ He stopped talking as he scanned my face which probably looks like dead bigfoot. I quickly wiped tears away with my hands.

“What happened?” He asked, gently.

“Onions. Those damn things get me every time.” I said as I gave a small laugh.

“Danie, you know its okay to tell me.” He insisted.

I just kept my eyes glued to the floor.

Think of lie!

“Fine. Some raccoon came in and stole my chocolate.”

I mentally face palmed myself. Damn it.

“I’m sorry, what?”


He probably didn’t buy it. Maybe because he’s smart or it was just a really stupid-ass lie. He just stared at me strangely. He knew I wasn’t going to give in so he changed the subject.

“Ahhh,” He nodded, “Raccoons.”

I just nodded along with him.

“Anyway, I was thinking if I could stay for a little while. Mom and Kass are cleaning the house.”


I immediately thought of the tacos sitting at the kitchen table.

“Lucas, have you ever had a taco Tuesday?”

“No, never heard of it.”

“Well, I already made one, but that won’t be enough won’t it? What about we make some more?” I asked, giving him a mischievous smile.

“I sense something terrible is going to happen.” He said as he laughed.

-30 Minutes Later-

“IT’S YOUR FAULT!” I shouted.

We were both drenched in flour.

“Says the person who started it all.” Lucas replied, laughing.

My mouth twitched into a smile as I remembered I was the one who started it.

I held my arms up for defense, “You looked like you needed some make-up!”

I was actually having fun with Lucas. He made me feel like I was important and my mind was off Jake for quite some time.

“What about we watch a movie?” I suggested.

“And the mess?”

“Some magical elf will clean it up. Now, get the gummy bears.” I ordered him.

“Sure, master.” He joked.

“and the chocolate milk.”

“Didn’t I tell you to grow up?”

I just stuck my tongue out like what every other totally normal person would do.


Author’s Note

Yeeey, Chapter Four is here! (:

How is it? (:





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