Her Brother's Secret ?

"Lucas likes you, Danie!" My bestfriend, Kassy, said as she huffed.

I'm Danielle, just another nerd who watches Harry Potter. A nerd that is sometimes considered beautiful but I don't believe it.

When I found out my bestfriend's brother liked me, I didn't know what to do. Maybe I still don't! We're going to Italy soon to have a vacation. What do I do when he tries to pull up some stunts? Help me PLEASE?


8. Chapter Eight : The One With Bowser

Her Brother's Secret
Chapter Eight : The One With Bowser

Lucas' POV

"Lucas! Stop playing with your Gameboy and come meet our new neighbours!" My Mom yelled from downstairs.

"But Mommy, Jake and I almost near the finishing line! We can't let Mario lose and Bowser win, Mommy!" I argued as Jake and I continued to play.

I heard Mommy sigh. I was determined to let Mario win because Bowser is a bad turtle, very bad.
After a while, I heard footsteps moving towards my bedroom. The door swung open and there stood 6 year-old Kassy and a chocolate-coloured hair girl standing shyly behind her.

"Lucas! Jake! Look at our new neighbour!" Kassy exclaimed excitedly, pointing at the girl with chocolate hair.

The colour pink rose to her cheeks as I observed her every move. She had brown curls that fell perfectly to her face. Beautiful deep brown eyes that made her face glow.

"Hi, I'm Lucas." I said with extra kindness just to break the ice but she stayed silent.

Jake then interrupted,  "Don't worry, We don't bite like Bowser." Jake exclaimed as her face lit up.

"You play Mario games?" She asked as she watched Jake and I intently.

"Of course! Mario Kart is our favourite! Jake and I never let Bowser win!" I exclaimed proudly.

Her face darkened a little bit, "Bowser always beat me and I end up being in 2nd place all the time." She grumbled.

"Don't worry, we can help you change that!" 

"I can't wait! I'm Danielle by the way." She said, grinning.

My face scrunched up, "Is my name ugly?" Danielle asked, sadness taking over.

"What are you talking about? It sounds pretty! Why would you think it's ugly, Lucas?" Jake asked.

Shocked, I quickly defended myself, "No! Of course not! I just think it sounds old."

Her face visibly relaxed, "How about Danie?" I suggested.

"My first nickname!" Danie giggled.

"I don't like the sound of it." Kassy added, always there to go agaisnt my opinions. "Oh well, let's go Danie! I've got my Barbies to show you!" Kassy resumed as she tugged Danie along, leaving me, once again, alone in my room with Jake.


I shuffled under the duvet as Mom slowly woke me up.

We got to the hotel yesterday evening. We were all so tired that we just put down our stuff and slept the whole night. Kassy, Mom and I got our room while Ms. Johnson and Danie got their own. Today, we're going to go around Venice, a place with boats and beautiful lakes.

"Lucas, wake up now! We've got the whole Europe to see!" My mum shrieked excitely.

"Kassy and Danielle are ready to go and you're still here! You're not even dresed, young man!'

I nodded and quickly made my way over to the toilet to take a quick bath.

After taking a bath, I wore a pair of red Levi's shorts with a plain white tshirt. Before making my way over to Ms. Johnson and Danie's room.

"Come on, he was cute." I heard Kassy ramble as I stepped it.

"You're finally ready, Lucas." Ms. Johnson said as she laughed.

Danie turned around and smiled as I took the stool next to Kassy's.

"So, what were you guys talking about?" I questioned as I took a sip from the lemonade that Ms. Johnson just gave me.

Danie grumbled, "That guy she met on the plane." Kassy answered, wiggling her eyebrows.

"He's just a person I met on the plane." Danie said, trying to convince Kassy.

Kassy snorted, "Whatever Danie, he got looks. And when a guy has looks, you grab him." Kassy pointed out.

I tensed as Kassy said that. There's no possible way that this guy can steal her heart, yeah? I mean, she just met him. I won't let anyone get and hurt Danie, she's mine and I never would.

I stood up and start to head back to my room, "Lucas, sweetie, where are you going? We're leaving to Venice in a few." Ms. Johnson asked.

I sighed heavily, "Just gonna make a quick call." I replied as I continued to head back.

I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contacts. There you go!
I went over to the landline that the hotel offered cause my sim card is obviously not gonna work in another country.


Come on, pick up.


"Hey man, I kind of need help?"

"Anything for an old friend."

I've gotta win Danie. The girl who became friends with  me because I taught her how to beat Bowser. My chocolate-coloured hair girl.


Author's Note

I'm so sorry for not uploading for so long.

Here goes chapter 8 anyway! This isn't the full chapter, you could say this is only Part One. But I wasn't sure if you guys would like it so I uploaded this one fist. c: Here you get a glimpse of how they all met.

So, please please please, leave your feedbacks about the characters, their attitude, anything really! c:
and have a happy easter!


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