Death in California

A zombie apocalypse has hit California and is spreading quickly to other parts of the world. A team of highly trained agents have been sent there to deal with the problem.


2. Chapter 2: Send the Agents

I stared at the TV screen and while I was watching the destruction my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled my phone out and saw work needed me. 

"Agent Tom, we need you to go to California and help kill the zombies. Come to the office immediately so we can equip you with weapons and equipment you will definitely need." My boss yelled into the phone. The phone went beep and I locked my phone and ran to my car quickly. I didn't bother to say goodbye to my family. This was important. Peoples lives were at risk. 

I arrived in California with the other Agents. We were sent by helicopter. We were given a lot of guns. We each at a walkie-talkie to contact the office in case we needed more supplies or if we need more reinforcements. 

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