Bella swan, trapped

this is for the breaking dawn comp.
After Bella's wedding with Edward she was as happy as she could possibly be but then on her honeymoon something goes horribly wrong. A member of the voltri comes to take Bella away, but will Edward be able to save her?
If you read this before 25/08/14, I changed the ending.


4. Trapped

After we had been rowing for a few minutes we reached the main land. Demetri had untied me so we didn't draw attention to ourselves. He warned me that if I tried to run the he would find me and kill me. We got into a car, that was obviously expecting us, and drove away. Demetri stayed in the back to torment me, while another vampire drove. All the windows were blacked out and I couldn't see anything; it would have been more reasurring to know where I was going.

We arrived at the airport and got on a private jet to Italy. I fell asleep and Demetri let me be. I didn't have sweet dreams though. I dreamt of Edward rescuing me, though it ended with him getting his head ripped off. I didn't wake myself up quick enough to avoid seeing his still, decapitated body. I woke up just as we were landing.

When we got off the plane there was a car waiting for us again - the driver was a different vampire. The guy drove like a maniac, he weaved in and out of the cars at at least 100mph.

We soon got to our destination and I when I got out I recognised the scenery. We were in Volterra, outside the clock tower - where Edward tried to get himself seen. Without the big celebration going on it was eerily quiet - there wasn't a soul to be seen. I guessed everyone was afraid of bumping into a thirsty vampire. We went inside and my hands were tied again. The rope rubbed against my sore skin and made it itch.

We went up in the lift and through reception, though it was a different receptionist. I dreaded to think what had happened to the other one. Most likely it involved someone drinking blood and someone losing some. I was escorted into the big hall and there sat Aro and Jane. The third seat was empty. I wanted to ask where Marcus and Caius were, but I thought it was best to stay silent.

"Your husband has done some really silly things in his past and making the promise that I could have his lover, was probably the stupidest. I know that he wouldn't hurt you but, a promise is a promise and I always keep mine." Aro said mockingly.

"Please let me go." I whispered, but I knew he would hear. "Please let me go back to Edward." I was sobbing again.

"That wouldn't be keeping my promise now, would it? I have decided on something slightly different though, I told Demetri to leave some clues for Edward so he can come and rescue you. When he gets here which will be in a few days, we led him off course a little, I shall bargain with him for something that I want more than a useless human; the elixir of life - it will make me more powerful and I would never have to feed again. Carlisle was in possession of it a few hundred years ago, but never used it. I know he knows where it is. The ingredients are unknown as the recipe was destroyed by the Romanians many, many, years ago. There is only enough for one person." So that's why Marcus and Caius are missing, I thought. "As soon as Edward hands me that bottle, I will let you go. I can't be sure what condition you'll be in."

"You monster" I said venomously, "Edward could never betray Carlisle like that; he's too loyal. Take me and leave the Cullens alone." I tried to stop the tears, but they just kept flowing. Aro laughed at me.

"Brave girl but, I do not care to make deals with my prisoner. Demetri, take her to the holding cell." When he said 'holding cell' his face lit up and I knew it wasn't going to be the usual room with a bed and a toilet.

After a few minutes of Demetri dragging me, we reached a door. Inside that door there was a small room. A net was is the middle. I was shoved onto the net and was too stunned to move.

"Have fun." Demetri mocked.

The door slammed shut and the net was yanked upwards - with me in it. The ropes dug into my frail human skin almost immediately. I put my thick coat under my body to sit on so the harsh, merciless, ropes didn't hurt me so badly.

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