Bella swan, trapped

this is for the breaking dawn comp.
After Bella's wedding with Edward she was as happy as she could possibly be but then on her honeymoon something goes horribly wrong. A member of the voltri comes to take Bella away, but will Edward be able to save her?
If you read this before 25/08/14, I changed the ending.


8. No questions

Edward was sitting beneath me when I woke up. He told me that Aro said he could stay until sundown and then he would be removed. He told me that I was only out for an hour; he said the venom would have overpowered the morphine. It explained partly why, towards the end of my transition, the pain got worse. Edward asked me if I felt much pain. I replied,

"Not really, only a dull ache." I lied to my husband in the first two weeks of our marriage. I hate myself for that but, really I was helping Edward; I did it for him.Well that's what I tell myself.
Edward nodded but didn't smile or sigh in relief. I asked,

"What's wrong?"

"I turn you into a monster yet you are still so sweet. I find it so hard to believe... right back to business. Aro should let you out, but if that monster doesn't, then I will kill him. Right, the game plan - I go tell Aro that you are now a vampire, if he doesn't agree or something else happens, then you break out of the room and run. Don't stop, get out of this country, back to Forks - my family will protect you if they come looking." Edward gave me a supportive smile.

"What about you? What if they take you and keep you? How will we get you back?" I said. Edward laughed,

"Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. I have my own plan. No questions, I'm going now. If things don't go well then I might be stuck here a while, and you will have to leave alone.

"I love you. If things don't go the right way and I'll shout 'Carlisle', but I'm hoping things go smoothly. Goodbye Bella, hopefully I'll see you soon." With that, he left the cell.

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