Bella swan, trapped

this is for the breaking dawn comp.
After Bella's wedding with Edward she was as happy as she could possibly be but then on her honeymoon something goes horribly wrong. A member of the voltri comes to take Bella away, but will Edward be able to save her?
If you read this before 25/08/14, I changed the ending.


2. Isle Esme

The after party was brilliant - all thanks to the Cullens, Renee and Charlie. They had decorated the whole house and their garden. It was so perfect. Jacob even got along with Edward. After so much fighting and so many arguments between them it was nice seeing them acting friendly towards each other. I'll really miss Jacob; he'll never want to see me again when I'm changed. I'll be his enemy. Why can't vampires and wolves  get along? I thought.

After the party, I said my goodbyes to everyone and I got in Edward's car. I was very frustrated that he wouldn't tell me where we were going. I don't like surprises. We went to the airport, then after a very long flight we arrived in Brazil. I thought that we were staying in Brazil which would of been amazing because of all the different cultures but, I was wrong, we were only passing through. We got in a boat which Edward claimed he owned and set off. After a fourty minute ride across the still sea, we arrived at Isle Esme - an Island that Carlisle bought for Esme.

Edward carried me, over his shoulder, into the house while I gazed in awe. I was sticky with sweat so when Edward suggested that we go for a midnight swim I was quite happy with the idea. We ran - well I ran, compared to the speed Edward could go, for him it was like a snail's pace - into the water; it wasn't cold but, it was refreshing. I appreciated the temperature. The moon was shining brightly in the sky and it reflected off the sea making, him sparkle - he was beautiful. We turned to eachother and embraced; no words were needed. We both knew the hug meant we loved eachother.

I woke up the next morning and Edward was lying beside me. I thought, I want this to happen everyday; to have the person I love the most beside me. He rolled over and kissed my cheek lightly.

"Morning sleepy-head, I have lots planned for us today, but first, breakfast."

Only then I realised how hungry I was. My stomach agreed with me by giving a loud rumble. I grabbed his hand and stumbled towards the smell of food - he had already cooked for me. I dug straight in; there were eggs and cereals all over the table, I had a wide range of choices.

After stuffing myself full (Edward told me I would need the energy), I headed to my suitcase to see what horrors Alice had packed for me. I looked in and nearly died, half the stuff I knew I would never wear. It was all lacy and some outfits barely covered half my body. Eventually I chose a pair of three quarter length jogging bottoms and a small vest top.

Edward told me we were going to have a walk round the island, then have a picnic. I was so excited. We set off at 10, and walked till 11. We saw all kinds of birds and animals. In Phoenix there were interesting creatures, but none as beautiful as these. I didn't even think about the more dangerous creatures that could have been lurking in the bushes; I knew Edward would protect me.

Around 1pm we stopped by a waterfall and jumped in; I had my bikini on underneath my clothes. The water was suprisingly calm at the bottom of the waterfall and at a perfect temperature. We swam around for a while and then ate (well I ate) the food we had brought. After all the walking and swimming I was quite worn out so I climbed on Edward's back and he ran us home. We were there in three minutes - thanks to his vampire speed.

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