Bella swan, trapped

this is for the breaking dawn comp.
After Bella's wedding with Edward she was as happy as she could possibly be but then on her honeymoon something goes horribly wrong. A member of the voltri comes to take Bella away, but will Edward be able to save her?
If you read this before 25/08/14, I changed the ending.


6. An idea

"Bella, it's me, Edward. I am so sorry that I made that promise to Aro. I was in a bad place - I hated that I was a monster and wanted to protect others from myself. I never thought I would find someone like you. He had the memory erased from my head - I never would have brought you into my life if I remembered." Edward spoke with such sorrow that I started to cry.

"Oh Edward, I forgive you. Get me out, please, these ropes are killing me." I said sadly, Edward nodded.

"I can't now but I have an idea how to get you out. If I cut the ropes now, Aro won't just let us out, the place with be crawling with his minions. This idea, you'll probably like it, but I know I don't." Edward grimaced. I smiled to myself, I knew what he meant; become a vampire. I still asked just to hear him say it.

"What is it?" I smiled at Edward. Edward chuckled quietly.

"You know already. I can't believe that you are about to have your soul destroyed and you are smiling. Haha." I felt a bit embarassed that he was laughing at me, but, I knew he didn't do it to offend me.

"Let's do it now. Come on bite me, Mr. Cullen." I was desperate. Being a vampire meant living forever and that meant a lifetime with Edward.

"Slow down, Mrs. Cullen. We have enough time. First take this bottle. It is morphine - I grabbed it from the house before I came here. I thought that.. that sick monster, Aro, might have hurt you." His fists were clenched so I reached through the ropes and plucked the bottle from his hands and before he could say anything else, I downed it. "Don't drink all of it, Bella, it's too strong, it'll knock you out."

"Oops. Um, too late." I dropped the empty bottle to the ground.

"Great. I just hope you aren't out for too long."

"I feel quite sleepy..." At that point I blacked out.

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