Bella swan, trapped

this is for the breaking dawn comp.
After Bella's wedding with Edward she was as happy as she could possibly be but then on her honeymoon something goes horribly wrong. A member of the voltri comes to take Bella away, but will Edward be able to save her?
If you read this before 25/08/14, I changed the ending.


7. A new kind of pain

I have experienced pain before. Who hasn't? This was a new kind of pain though.

First I felt a short sharp pain in my wrist. Then it starting spreading up my arms, across my chest, into my head and legs and finally my feet. The pain in my heart, head and wrist were the worst. I will try to explain the pain, but it will be hard to find something equal to it.

A plane crashing into you and living.

Free falling from a plane and living.

Having a tonne of bricks squish your face and enduring the pain.

Having all the bones in your body broken time and time again.

Being burnt alive.

Having your body skinned then the limbs cut off one by one.


I still feel sick when I think about how much pain I went through. I never told Edward though, I said that the morphine helped the pain and I only felt a dull ache. I feel bad for lying, but Edward would have felt so bad and for the rest of eternity, would have been apologising. I also feel bad because if the Cullens ever turn someone else they might use the same idea.


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