i can't take it

*They are not famous in this*

Abi and Harry are best friends but what happens when abi wants to be more and harry finds out.


3. Chapter 3

Abi's P.O.V

He wouldn't. he couldn't, why would he hurt harry. i can't have harry taken away from me. "dad, leave harry alone" he turned his head and looked straight into my eyes. "only if you come here" Niall stood up with Zayn, before my dad could see him. they grabbed him and pinned him to the ground. i felt a big sigh of relief, harry got up from his seat and started to kick him. 


"what is wrong with you how could you hurt her." i could see his face was getting angrier by the second. "i want my daughter, harry leave me alone" "leave you alone, no chance mick. i am looking after her now and i want you too leave before i call the police" Liam was already on the phone calling the police and niall and amy where comforting me as i was crying. "listen mick, if you every come near her or touch her every again i will make your life a living hell and i will make sure you die, do you understand" He didn't respond so harry started to kick his neck and he screamed "FINE"


Maybe i was going to be safe after all. it was all because of harry and i love him so much. Next second the police came running in with guns and everything. they took him away and told me that he was sentenced to life in prison and there was nothing to worry about. i was still crying and shaking in my seat. i was nearly hurt again by that man. i can't call him dad anymore cause to me he was just a stranger.

Harrys P.O.V

She was sat in the corner crying with her head in her hands. i just wanted to kiss her and cuddle her and tell her not to worry. I slid into the booth and wrapped my arms around her and turned her around so she was facing me. she buried her head in my chest and i could feel her tears making my shirt all wet. i couldn't let her be like this. i lifted up her chin and pressed my lips to her forehead and i whispered in her ear. "it's going to be okay baby, i am here don't you worry" she hugged me closer and i could hear her whimpering. 


I wanted to break down with her and just be with her, i knew how much pain she was in and all the memories where flooding back to her. i didn't know what to do apart from hold her and comfort her. we sat there for 2 hours in silence her shaking and whimpering in my chest and me kissing her hair and stroking her back. i just want her to be okay again. this was my fault, well it felt like it. she lifted her head and pressed her lips to mine cautiously and whispered "i am sorry".

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