i can't take it

*They are not famous in this*

Abi and Harry are best friends but what happens when abi wants to be more and harry finds out.


2. Chapter 2

Harry's P.O.V

i can't believe i am actually with her now and she feels the same way about me as i feel about her. we both love each other and we finally told each other. she has been my best friend since we were 3 in nursery. i am just over the moon and i can't stop smiling. we are walking home hand in hand just smirking at each other. 


"what are we now then harry?" she stared right into my eyes and i just giggled. "well, i want us to be together. boyfriend and girlfriend cause i can't stand to keep my hands off you. i love you" she looked so pretty tonight and then she dived into my arms. "well i goes this means we are together, i love you styles" once we reached her house she invited me in. 


"where are you're mum and step dad abi?"i asked her. "they are away for the weekend so i have the whole house to my self, it's a bit lonely here though, maybe you could stay and keep me company" she had a small smile in the corner of her lips. "i would love to stay but i don't really have any clothes here babe" She smirked at me and whispered "you won't need any clothes, i know how much you like to be naked and its not like i haven't seen you before" i went bright red and nodded slightly. 


With that she jumped onto my lap, "whats wrong harry, you're not shy are you?" i shook my head and said "i am not shy, i just think this may be going a little too fast" "oh okay then, we don't have to do anything, i just want to spend some time with you because i love you and i will be all alone this weekend" "now babe, its not your fault. i want to stay here honest" i pressed my lips to hers when she pulled away quickly. was it something i said. i didn't mean to do anything. "if you want harry, you can stay in the spare room, if you really want to" she looked really sad and i couldn't see her like this. "stop it babe, of course i will stay with you in your bed if you will let me. just don't think we are ready to have sex. i do love you" "i love you too harry, now come over here"


she grabbed my neck and pulled me in to her lips, there was so much passion and lust in the kiss, i was staring right into her eyes, her blue eyes where darkening and i could see she wanted more. i didn't want to go to fast so i stopped. i knew she was slightly annoyed at me but i didn't want to hurt her. i wanted this just as much as her but it was too quick. "sorry babe, lets just have some food as i am starving" i got up and pulled her up with me. she cuddled me and whispered in my ear "what about some nandos" "baby, you just read my mind. should we call the rest of them and we can meet them there?" "you call the boys and i will call the girls" we were all really good mates, there was me, abi, niall, amy, dani, liam, louis, el, zayn and perrie. we were finally all coupled up and we always had so much fun together.


*at nandos*

We were all sat there cuddled up in a booth and just talking to one and other. Abi had her hand on my knee and was talking to Niall and i was talking to liam about fifa when someone came to our table. It was Abi's dad, he had abused her when she was younger and abi ran away with her mum and brother. abi looked up to see his face fuming with a bottle of beer in his hand and scars on his face. "get out of the booth slut" i started fuming "can you leave, she isn't going anywhere with you." "oh yeah harry, move out of the way" i refused to move. "or what?" He pulled out a gun and pointed it to my head. "move out of the way or i will shoot you harry" "you wouldn't dare" "test me"

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