i can't take it

*They are not famous in this*

Abi and Harry are best friends but what happens when abi wants to be more and harry finds out.


1. Chapter 1


Abi's P.O.V- i can't do this anymore. i need to move on. he is in love with some one else. why would harry styles ever love me. nobody cares about me. He is my best friend and i love him. how stupid does that sound, nobody knows but i can't do this.   My phone started to buzz, i didnt want to check it but i thought it might of been my mum. i picked up my iPhone and saw who it was. it was harry. "do you wanna hang out tonight abi? xx" ughhh i really don't want to hang out cause i know he will bring that girl. her name hurts to say, alice.    "just us or what? xx" he replied with in a second. "of course, i miss you and i thought we could go and get some ice cream like we used too?xx" i felt overjoyed because finally it was going to be just us and nobody else. i missed harry. "i will meet you at the park at 4:30 harry, don't be late babe xx"   *later on that day at the park* I was sat on the bench waiting, i needed to see harry and i just wanted to hug him. he has been hanging out with alice too much recently and i haven't seen him in over 2 weeks. There was still no sign of him and i had been waiting for over half an hour. maybe this was all a joke on me. he never cared for me and he never will.    I stood up and picked up my things. i was about to leave when some hands wrapped around my waist and turned me around. there he was. standing in front of me panting, it was harry. i hugged him and i didn't want to leave his arms.    "where have you been styles?" i whispered into his left ear. "i had to walk and i didn't think it was that far but i was wrong. sorry babe" he kissed my forehead and shivered in his arms. he smirked at me and held his hand out.   "come on then abi lets go on the swings" and with that he lifted me and threw me over his shoulder and ran towards the big set of swings on the other side of the park. he was running fast and i was scared. once we reached the swings he put me down. he sat on one of the swings and put me on his lap.   I knew i shouldn't be sitting on his lap with my arms draped around his neck with my head buried in his chest but it just felt right, what felt even better was the fact that he didn't mind me doing it. he was singing softly into my ear and slowly moving on the swings.   Harry looked extremely good in his black tight top and shorts, his hair was perfect and i just felt like i had to tell him how i feel. it was time.   I looked directly in his emerald eyes and said "umm harry, i need to tell you something." he stared right back at me and his eyes darkened, "hold on abi, i need to tell you something first, just listen" my heart sank but then he placed his hand in mine and stared at me. "i broke up with Alice, she wasn't right for me. she loved me but i didn't love her. you see abi, i love someone else. not Alice." my heart broke i can't believe this. he loves some else. i just wanted to burst into tears but i stayed strong. "oh so you love someone else" harry blushed and whispered "yeah, someone else. I just thought i should tell you...." "tell me what harry" "I don't know how to say this but the person i love, its you abi. i love you." i just blanked out. did he just say he loved me. "sorry what." "i love you abi, its always been you." Then i just kissed him, i needed to touch him. i needed him so much right now and he needed me. tears where falling from his eyes and he wrapped his arms around me. i pulled away and whispered "i love you too"

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