I <3 Halloween!!

Halloween tommorow!! I absolutely love halloween. I always go trick or treating with my best friend and we always get loads of sweets!! I cant wait!!



In my stupendous costume I succeeded sneaking out and met  liv at the end of the road.

"O.........M............G!!! How could you do this to me!!!??" liv cried.

"NO WAY"I said.

Liv was dressed as a leprechaun. She has a fluffy brown beard, a tall green hat with a golden four leaf clover on the bely of it. She wore a pair of green trousers with long white socks with a green shirt and green blazer. She had black buckle shoes and a black belt with a golden four leaf clover in the middle. How could she wear this?? She will totally embarass us!! I can't believe it. This is going to be utterly humiliating!! She had to go and pick the costume which I was wearing too!! We couldn't go round door to door looking like this!! I mean little kids just wandered past giving us weird looks!! No wonder.

"Catherine How you!! My leprechaun costume was amazing and I was really proud of it until you showed up!!" Liv said, hurt.

"I....i.I..I didn't"

"dont bother Im going" Liv interupted and with that marked the end of my so called "AMAZING HALLOWEEN".

Will I ever get my best friend back? (probably, I mean it's only over a leprechaun costume seriously.)

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