I <3 Halloween!!

Halloween tommorow!! I absolutely love halloween. I always go trick or treating with my best friend and we always get loads of sweets!! I cant wait!!


2. Sneek out

I cant believe it!! I have to sneek out. I cant go without trick or treating!! It's ultimately UNHUMAN!!

"hey liv (my bezzie). Cant wait til tommorow!! Im gonna be late though. mum thinks I've grown out of halloween"I told her.

"NOOOOOO!!!" liv screamed. I held my mobile inches from my ear. "No way!! She's a monster!! She can't do this to you!! NOOOOOO!"

"LOOK!It's ok!! I'll sneak out!!"I replied even though my ears were half deaf because of all the endless scareaming.

"oh thank goodness!! Can't wait!! see you!!" Liv said probably 100 decebels quieter this time.


Halloween was here.

"IT'S HALLOWEEN!!!" I yelled at 9:00am this time.

I know everyone will love my costume this year!!

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