I <3 Halloween!!

Halloween tommorow!! I absolutely love halloween. I always go trick or treating with my best friend and we always get loads of sweets!! I cant wait!!


1. Excitment!!

"halloween tommorow!" I yelled when I woke up that morning.

"shut up! I need my beauty sleep!!" My sister screamed.

I was confused. OH! It was 2:30am. No wonder the lights were off!


"halloween tommorow!" I yelled when I woke up that morning (again)

"Great wicket witches, Ghoulish ghosts what a bunch of wonderous fun" My sister sighed .

"yeah awesome fun!!" I said.

I love halloween. I love trick or treating and getting sweets. I love scaring the pants of my sister. Oh the good days!! What usually happens is my best friend comes around my house. We have a party after lunch with the rest of my family with bobbing apples, pin the pants on the skeleton and find the ghost treasure hunt. Then when we are all done and it's getting dark we leave to go trick or treating. When we have gone around the WHOLE village, we stuff our faces with sweets until we're close to exploding. my best friend usually sleeps over. I was majorly excited and nothing could dampen my mood now.

"oh by the way Catherine mum told me that you are two old for the halloween party and trick or treating" my sister sneered with obvious glory.


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