Thank You High School Reunion

Tarni and Bella are best friends from high school and a high school reunion is coming up. We decide to go to see how everyone else is going out side of high school. We go and see Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall there. They grew up to be even more hotter than what they already were. Before the end of the night we talk to te boys and Niall and Harry were blushing the whole time and being all shy. Then our best friend Tahlia comes back from London and is suddenly attracted to Louis. But what will it take for Tahlia to steal Louis' heart?!


7. Secrets

Tarni's POV
I couldn't take the jacket off that would be a bit suspicious. I hugged tahlia really tight and i smiled. Thank god they didnt notice the jacket. Its hard not to it is blue and white and has STYLES written on the back. "okay what big news is there" asked bella and we sat down. I havent had a chance to put the jacket back yet. "oh right well. I met the janoskians today and i arranged for us to go on a 'date' with them. As friends of course" i said "but you dont want it to be just friends with luke do ya" said tahlia nudging my side and winking. I looked over and bella smiled. Obviously tahlia doesnt know about the boys yet. "okay it is about 4 now and we dont have to be there till 8 so we have a bit of time" I said and we all sat and watched tv. I got my phone out and i had a text from harry. "hey gorgeous. Whatcha doing!?" he said. I smiled and i couldnt help it. "watching mtv. Little things is on now ;)" i replied back "Well listen to the lyrics cause when i sing it. Its for you babe :)" he replied like a second after and i smiled more. "HEY SELFIE TO PUT ON TWITTER" yelled tahlia. I put my phone away and we took a selfie. They put it on twitter and i posted it on my wall aswell. Then my phone buzzed to harrys ring tone. I grabbed my phone and he said something that really embarrassed me "i know you probably hate me. But i see your wearing my jacket. Please forgive me xx harry" he said and i frowned i couldn't forgive him of what he did "harry, You were a jerk with popularity. Your in the worlds biggest boyband. I can imagine your ego now" i said sternly. "tarni marree. I will make it up to you. I promise. I am really happy you kept the jumper!" he said.

Bella's POV
I saw Tarni walk to her room to talk to Harry and she had Harry's school jacket on. It was a little obvious considering on the back in big letters it said 'STYLES'. I remember one day at school I didn't see Tarni at lunch but she had maths with me before lunch and I got a little curious, I was wondering around school when I saw her running to Harry, I was a bit confused. Tarni hated Harry, he was always being a jerk to her because she wasn't as popular as Harry. But when Tarni got to the tree I saw something that got me even more curious. Tarni ran up and jumped on Harry and they kissed so passionately. It was cute. I quickly ran to Tahlia to ask her if she knew where Tarni was just incase she didn't know about her and Harry sneaking around. Tahlia just said back to me "nope haven't seen her since math" "oh ok" I replied wondering if I should tell her. "Why did you want Tarni anyway?!" "Oh just because ummmmm....... Oh yea that's right she owes me some KFC chicken!" I stuttered. From that day on Tarni was so happy. Until one day when she didn't come to school for like 1 week. I was worried so I went to her house one afternoon. I asked her what was wrong and why she wasn't at school, she simply replied "I am sick" to me she looked absolutely fine and she sounded fine. On Monday I saw her again but she just wasn't her happy self anymore. After math she came with us to eat lunch she hasn't done that since like a week ago. So I kind of figured that her and Harry broke up. I felt bad for her but its kind of her fault for not telling us I mean we could've cheered her up but she just acted like she was sick for a week.
Anyway when she was talking on the phone I was a bit curious so I went to the kitchen which was right next to Tarni's room and I took my time to get some food for us to eat. I heard Tarni say that she couldn't forgive Harry for what he did in high school, I figured that she couldn't forgive him because he broke her heart.
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