Thank You High School Reunion

Tarni and Bella are best friends from high school and a high school reunion is coming up. We decide to go to see how everyone else is going out side of high school. We go and see Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall there. They grew up to be even more hotter than what they already were. Before the end of the night we talk to te boys and Niall and Harry were blushing the whole time and being all shy. Then our best friend Tahlia comes back from London and is suddenly attracted to Louis. But what will it take for Tahlia to steal Louis' heart?!


1. Reunion <3

Bella's POV
I'm Bella. I am 21 years olds and I live in Queensland. I am a multimillionaire and have a house on the beach. I live with my best friend Tarni. I am an actress and I shoot videos for music clips. Tarni is a bikini model. Today is the day where we got invited to go to our high school reunion. From wht I can remember from high school there were 5 hot boys but they were only after the 5 prettiest girls. I imagine by now that they would all have girlfriends or even wife's or fiancée. Anyway this reunion is at te school and me and Tarni are actually looking forward to going, not because we were them nerdy kids in high school (no where near the nerdy kids) but because we wanted to see what people are doing these days. We drove there and drove into the parking lot. We got out of our car and walked in. I have a short mid thigh white strapless dress, with my hair pulled to the side and curly. Tarni has a short mid thigh tight dress with an up do. We both have blonde hair but mine is blonder than tarni's she has a little bit of brown through it. We walked in and were pulled away by different groups.

Tarni's POV
As we walked through the door we were handed a name tag each that said our names and had our grade 12 school photo so everyone knew who we were. Just as we got our name tags we didn't even get a chance to put them on before we had been pulled to separate groups. After about 1/2 an hour we found each other again. We went to go grab a drink and a bite to eat but got distracted by 5 boys mucking around in the corner. We looked at them but couldn't figure out who they were but they had a sexy British accent which made us even more curious. We walked over to the 5 boys. We were introducing our selves because we hadn't really seen these guys for like 4 or 5 years. Harry, the flirty one in the loose jeans and a v-neck shirt, was blushing as he talked to me. And Niall the cute one with an Irish accent was blushing and being a bit shy when he was talking to Bella. Louis the one in stripes wouldn't shut up, he was just how I remembered him. Liam and Zayn walked off to go get drink for all of us.
When harry said that stuff to me he was as red as a tomato. It was awkward because i felt the exact same about him. Who am i kidding i still like him. I have had a few boyfriends since high school but harry always lingered in the back of my mind. When zayn and liam came back. We were all in this group sitting on the couch. I was sitting next to harry and loui was joining in on our convo. Niall and bella were flirting majorly beside us. Zayn gave me and harry a drink and liam gave niall and bella one. Loui pulled liam and zayn back away from us for some reason but i didnt mind i was alone with harry.
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