Thank You High School Reunion

Tarni and Bella are best friends from high school and a high school reunion is coming up. We decide to go to see how everyone else is going out side of high school. We go and see Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall there. They grew up to be even more hotter than what they already were. Before the end of the night we talk to te boys and Niall and Harry were blushing the whole time and being all shy. Then our best friend Tahlia comes back from London and is suddenly attracted to Louis. But what will it take for Tahlia to steal Louis' heart?!


4. Planning Dinner

Tarnis POV
I was bursting inside right now. When i said the choices to where to go. Bella quickly replied. "well we are both fit so lets make some good use of it" said bella with a smirk. "okay so at the irish" i said and bella yelled and ran to her room to do who knows what. I didnt need to book for the irish. So I decided to call harry.
Phone call H=harry T= tarni
T hey haz
H hey babe
T so is it okay if we go to the irish
H perfect i love goin there.
T so tomorrow night and we will leave at around 8 and do u and niall want to take the train or the bus so we can you know. Drink
H how about train and i like the way you think
T why thank you. Okay well i gotta go shooting a new brand today
H wait what. Brand?
T oh yeah i am a bikini model
H oh okay i hope i can come and watch you work one day

***end of conversation***

When he said that i could see him wink. "okay bye harry.". I said with a bit of a laugh "okay bye babe" he said and then i got ready and left. I grabbed my jacket and yelled out to bella "see ya bella tell tahlia i cant come and get her tonight byee see ya later" i yelled and left.

Bella's POV
I had totally forgot about Tahlia coming home today!
She has been away for about 3 years now and I really missed her. Home just wasn't the same without her she was always bright and bubbly even when someone had really upset her, she always bounced back and got over it straight away. We always had the best time when Tahlia was around. Anyway I can't remember what time I had to pick her up. So I called Tarni T=Tarni. B=Bella
B. hey tarnzo
T. Hey Bella
B. hey I forgot what time tahlia had to be picked up
T. She'll be arriving in Brisbane at 6:45am so probably be there at 6:30am incase her plane is early
B. ok thanks
T. That's ok I have to go to the photo shoot now I'm shooting for some magazine called 'celeb crazy'
B. ok have fun. Get everyone's autograph for me!!
T. Haha ok I'm going now bye
And with that she hung up. I was so excited for her she was meeting more celebrities. Anyway it was 6pm and it took my 20 mins to get to the airport so I decided to get changed. I pulled on some bright pink skinny slacks on and a white tank top. I grabbed some ballet flats from my walk in robe. I grabbed my bag and my keys and walked out and jumped in my Audi.
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