Thank You High School Reunion

Tarni and Bella are best friends from high school and a high school reunion is coming up. We decide to go to see how everyone else is going out side of high school. We go and see Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall there. They grew up to be even more hotter than what they already were. Before the end of the night we talk to te boys and Niall and Harry were blushing the whole time and being all shy. Then our best friend Tahlia comes back from London and is suddenly attracted to Louis. But what will it take for Tahlia to steal Louis' heart?!


2. In Love <3

Louis POV
I pulled Liam and Zayn away and they looked at me weird. "guys use your brains look at them. They are clearly in love. Leave them be" I said and they agreed and we walked to go and talk to some old friends.

Bella's POV
I kinda liked it how Niall was blushing, he was so cute and his sexy Irish accent was a major turn on. He admitted that when we were in high school he had a crush on me but he never asked me out because he didn't think I would go out with him. Just after Niall had confessed Harry confessed his love for Tarni in high school, but his reason to why he didn't ask her out was because he thought that the other boys would be jealous. Tarni and I just laughed at his crazy excuse for not asking Tarni out. after talking to Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam for a bit it was announced that the reunion was over. I could feel someone touch my bum and I kinda jumped a bit, to be honest I was a little freaked out because before this reunion Tarni and I had just been watching 'Pretty Little Liars' season 3 and we were scared to death of anyone touching us.

Harry POV
I remembered Tarni from high school, she was the sweetest kid and I really liked her and I think I still like her after tonight so when she was playing on her phone I asked her if I could have a look at her new iPhone 5. When I was looking through the phone I thought I would put my number in her phone. As I clicked on 'add contact' I put my name as 'Hazza (;' but then I thought nah ill make it creative so my name in her phone was 'HAZZA WANTS TO BE YOURS <3' I put in my number and gave her back the phone. I was hoping that she would text me or even call me. If he didn't call within the next week I will txt her and maybe even ask her out on a date.
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