Thank You High School Reunion

Tarni and Bella are best friends from high school and a high school reunion is coming up. We decide to go to see how everyone else is going out side of high school. We go and see Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall there. They grew up to be even more hotter than what they already were. Before the end of the night we talk to te boys and Niall and Harry were blushing the whole time and being all shy. Then our best friend Tahlia comes back from London and is suddenly attracted to Louis. But what will it take for Tahlia to steal Louis' heart?!


9. Drunk!!!!!

Bella's POV
Like any other girl i take selfie's before i go out. I was hovering over the send button on the text to niall. It said "like what i am wearing to my date" i added a picture of me lying on my bed on my back and holding the camera above my head so you could see my whole body. I decided to send it and i got into the car. I got a reply and i knew it was niall because it was his ringtone on my iphone5 a clowns horn. "wow. What a naughty girl. When we go out make sure to dress like that ;)" he said and i giggled and texted him.

Tarni's POV
I sat and talked to luke in the limo. I smiled he is really hot in person especially. I said "can i get a picture for twitter" i said and he smiled and we took approximately 20 selfies. I put one on twitter of us smiling. I got many comments from his fans calling me a slut. I felt like saying, who is the one in the car on the way to a restaurant with them bitch.... Beau turned on the music and we were all jamming out to thrift shop and screaming the chorus. I laughed and sat back and sent harry a text "oh my god luke is so hot. I may have a thing for him lets see if the favor is returned" i said and attached a picture of me kissing his cheek with my eyes closed. "i wish i could send a picture of me with a girl back to you but i am here watching the notebook in my jox" he said and attached a picture of him biting his lip and in his boy leg underwear. "When i am getting home i am sending him a picture of me in my bra and underwear or if your lucky maybe even less clothing than a bra and undies (;". "well someones horny tonight" he sent back almost immediately "seriously look at your pictures ;)" he said back. "got to go we are going to a club actually bye harry xx ;)" i send and turned off my phone and slid it into my bra as you do.

Niall's pov
Harry was sitting in the lounge room in nothing but his underwear laughing every once in a while. I was sending very flirty texts to bella. I missed her and I wanted her with me right now. I was in my boxers and i walked in to where harry was. "make a sad face, we are making the girls jealous, giving them a taste of their own medicine haha" i said and sat next to harry and we pouted into the camera. I sent it to bella and she said "you little bastard are you trying to get us over there and fuck you pair ;)" i just laughed.

Bella's pov
When niall sent that picture it aggravated me. I swear he was trying to test me. He is so cute. About half way through the night tahlia and beau left together almost eating each others faces off! It was quite irritating actually. Jai and luke were making tarni and i skull shots and beers and who knows what else. I am guessing they are wanting what beau was getting but there was only one person who was getting that and it ain't any of them. I agreed to the drinks cause all i wanted was niall. Tarni was obviously in the same state. We were skullin drinks when jai started kissing me intensely. I smiled and pushed him off and just let out the words "no jjjjai" i stuttered to drunk to function. He huffed and pealed his drunk brother off tarni. I grabbed tarni's arms and we wondered out of the club. Stumbling over each other and in fits of laughter. We caught a cab back to caboolture and tarni decided to be cheeky and kiss the younger looking taxi driver. We ran off in fits of laughter. This probably wasnt the best thing 2 young and attractive girls dressed in the sluttiest clothes known to man wondering the streets of cabo. We are cabo kids so we know how to deal with this. We walked into BWS and ordered 2 bottles of vodka heavy each and we were stumbling our way back to our house.

Tarni's pov
I was literally skulling my drink on bella and i's adventure back home. I was holding my high heels in one hand and Bella had lost hers on our trip. A red hot bmw sped Past and it was the biggest dicks i see all the time my ex and Bella's. They did that annoying whistle to signify 'your hot'. We waved at them and they continued on their way. We finally made it back to our house and stumbled through the door. I banged my head and laughed and fell on the floor in a fit of laughter and lifted my bottle up and took the last sip of one of my vodka bottles. I am so going to regret this in the morning.

Bella's pov
We were on the floor and tarni's phone buzzed in her bra and she Laughed and took it out. I tried to unlock my phone and it was just fuzzy. I was getting frustrated when someones face popped up on the screen it was Nialls. I clicked accept and it was a facetime call "hey girls just checking up on you pair" he said and smiled. "we areee fiiinne Nniall. Heyy babe" i stuttered trying to keep my eyes open. "yes love" he said chuckling to himself "iiiitts not funnny i looook hideous. Shhhhhhh ssstttop" i said and he stopped laughing. I held my index finger up and stared at it. I was smashed. I laid down on the floor and tarni next to me. I bite my nail like a little kid "heeyyyy boooyss. We. Feel lllonllley" said tarni smirking. "oh is that so" said harry "yeah. We nnneeed some guys to comfort us" i said and pouted the best i could. "I mean like I could call up jai and Luke and they could come over to comfort us if you don't want to!!" I stuttered. "heyy bella. Where the bathroom" asked tarni getting up. "arent you in your house" asked harry "yeah why babe" i said and closed my eyes still listening "we are going to be there in 5 mins" said Niall laughing and shut off the call. I sat up and tarni came out from the lounge room "i have no idea where the bathroom is in this bloody house" she said in a fit of laughter and sat down "where did the boys go" she said sadly "they said they will be here in 5 mins." i said and chuckled to myself. "well lets go and dress to impress" said tarni and we got up and went and changed into just bra and under wear. We walked out and harry and niall were standing at the door with bags of alcohol. We let them in and nialls eyes were glued on me. I kissed him and tarni did harry. The boys laughed and i held onto nialls shoulder for support cause i couldnt stand by myself. We walked into the lounge room and sat down on the brown soft couch. I noticed the alcohol on the table and took a beer for myself. Tomorrow is going to be the worst hang over ever!

Nialls POV
I could tell that Tarni and Bella were hammered so I figured why can't me and haz get hammered as well. I thought of a game that includes vodka, licking, and biting/sucking. I suggested to the girls and Harry who was already off his face. They all agreed and I told them the rules. Bella got straight into it. I put some salt on my neck and said to her 'first lick it, then drink the vodka and then bite the lime' I had put the lime in my hand so she couldn't find it. She started licking my neck but didn't stop she kept licking and them started to kiss, it felt so good but I wasn't gonna give up on this game. I was having too much fun. I told her 'now drink!' So she grabbed the vodka shot and skulled it. I had his the lime in my mouth so she couldn't find it. She asked me a little confused 'lime?' I simply opened my mouth and released a little bit of the lime. She saw it and immediately crashed her lips onto mine. The lime was still wedged between our mouths so Bella grabbed onto it with her teeth and spat it onto the ground and immediately turned back and crashed her lips on mine again. As you can imagine things got rough and everything happened so fast. We were in my bedroom in less than 10 seconds and already get rough.

Tarni's pov
Harry was smashed but not even close to how smashed I was. Bella and i had drunk so much it was a miracle our hearts were still beating. After bella and nialls go at the game they left with bellas legs wrapped around his waist. Ooooh young love. I looked over to harry who was smiling intensely. "i thought you may be a little cold have my shirt" he said sending me a wicked smile. He took it off slowly , it was painful watching him take it off so slow. I just wanted him to rip it off. When he finally got it off I smiled at his perfect body "your body is better in person than on a screen" I said and he moved closer to me "hey why dont we skip the game and go right to the kissing part!" he said and leaned in and kissed my lips first then moved to my neck. I moaned and stood up and harry followed. I rammed him into the cupboard and looked at him "your not the boss of me styles" I said and his smiled grew larger. I pushed him onto the floor and i grabbed the bottle of vodka and smashed half of it and then handed it to harry and he skulled the other half. I was lying on the floor cause my head was spinning. Harry stood up and so did i. I stood steady for a second and then jumped onto his waist and kissed him passionately. He leaded the way to the bed room and we walked past bella's room and they sounded like they were having fun ;). Harry dropped me onto the bed and turned off the light and came over to me. After that we went at it various times and the thing in the morning we wont remember any of it, we will ligit have the worst hangover and we wont remember the night we had the best sex of our lives that counts for all 4 of us.
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