Thank You High School Reunion

Tarni and Bella are best friends from high school and a high school reunion is coming up. We decide to go to see how everyone else is going out side of high school. We go and see Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall there. They grew up to be even more hotter than what they already were. Before the end of the night we talk to te boys and Niall and Harry were blushing the whole time and being all shy. Then our best friend Tahlia comes back from London and is suddenly attracted to Louis. But what will it take for Tahlia to steal Louis' heart?!


8. Dinner

Tahlia's POV
Tarni went out of the room when she got a phone call. It was 'Harry' I didn't know who he was but Bella said it was someone who Tarni liked. Bella asked me if I wanted any popcorn I said 'only if it is with butter and salt haha'. I'm getting a little curious, Bella has been supposedly cooking popcorn for 10 mins now!! Tarni finally came out of her bedroom but she was dressed in the most sluttiest clothes. She told us to get ready. But I knew I didn't have any dressy clothes so I had to steal some of hers or Bellas. I figured that I like Bella's clothes better so ill just go pick one of her dresses.

Tarni's POV
I finally ended the call. It was me arguing with harry for 20mins and him coming up with a incredibly sweet and flirty answers. I decided I couldn't win and i threw off the jacket and shoved it into my closet. That is kind of what makes me like him so much, although all the stuff he says is so cheesy but sweet and in a way sexy. I walked back out and Bella was looking at me weirdly. I told tahlia and Bella to go get changed because we are leaving in an hour and trust me it takes Bella like 3 hours to get ready. I went back to my room and figured I'd better find something for dinner tonight. I was looking through my cupboard but couldn't find anything nice. So I decided to go for the slutty look. I am a model deal with it. I was going to dinner with the janoskians so there will be press. I have to look good if i am going to be on the front of every news paper in the bloody country tomorrow. I decided to go with a short black dress that just comes below my bum and has a lace back and the boob was cut low so if i bent over you would see right down there. I got the most highest heels in my cupboard out and put them on. They were black with a few diamond studs(yes real diamonds. Bella bought me them for my birthday. God I love her). I put my hair in a water fall braid and applied make up. My make up was pretty heavy as I had to impress Harry when I sent the picture to him. I texted harry just before we left "bye haz. Going on a date" i said just to annoy him. I sent him a picture of what I'm wearing. He only sent back 'owwww you naughty girl. (; who you dressing up for?! Wishing it was me (;' I sent him another photo of me bending over. One from the front and one from the back. When I bent down at the back you could see half of my bum so just to be a tease I decided to wear a black lace g-string. I texted Harry 'oh you know just the janoskians and what do you expect I have a good body why can't I show it off!' But I sent it and this time I didn't get a reply till about 5 minutes later when Harry sent me a photo if him in his undies and saying 'dontcha wish you could have this sexay bod?! And dayumm girl you da sexy ass oh and might I add don't be hooking up with those brooks brothers, ill be waiting for more pictures and if you get bored of them be sure to let me know (; if you know what I mean! (;' ugh he's so cheeky. And damn did he look good in his jox.

Bella's POV
I saw what Tarni was wearing so I thought I would go for the same approach and go for the slutty look. I'll make Niall jealous. Although I can't do that to my boy, he's too cute. Anyway I found the perfect dress it was a deep red and was cut in a v shape down to my belly button. It only just covered my boobs and my bum. I found some red heels that were about 6 inches high if not more and put them on. I found some jewelry and did my hair and make up when I heard someone at my door.

Tahlias POV
I hope Bella isn't going for the slutty look like Tarni I mean like if Bella does that means I will too. Don't get me wrong, I love to impress the boys, but I'm just not to sure on what type of clothes Bella has. I knocked on her door and waited for her to let me come in. She came to the door and opened it. She was dressed so damn slutty is wasn't even funny! Which means its time for tahlia to impress the boys!! I asked Bella if I could borrow some clothes. She said 'what ever, go for your life, pick what ever you like!' I was rambling through her cupboard when I came across the best dress, I think it may be the most sluttiest dress that there is on earth. It's even more sluttier than Bella's and tarni's. It was a nice shade of blue. It had about a 7cm strip of material coming from my shoulder across to my boob on one side and the same on the other. My whole stomach was showing. The dress also had a little bit of material only covering 3/4 of my bum. I found some blue heels about 15cm high. I put some make up on and did my hair. I showed Bella what I was wearing and she looked at me stunned.

Bella's POV
I looked at tahlia and holy crap! I never knew she had such a good body. We raced down stairs to find Tarni taking pictures of her ass and her boobs obviously to send to Harry to tease him. I yelled out 'SELFIE' and Tarni took the photo and posted it on anything and everything you could think of.

Tarni's POV
The girls looked stunning! It was now about 7:50 so I said 'come on guys the limo the boys arranged for us should be here any minute now!' Tahlia and Bella looked at me obviously shocked by what I said.
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