My Fantasy- 2 Broken Dreams

(Sequel to My Fantasy) After Harry's unexpected question, Katie doesn't know what to say. But her answer is backed up, as she has a reason for saying.....
Her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise visit, costing Katie all sorts of problems..... How will she get out of it this easily?


1. Will you go out with me?

"Will you go out with me?" Harry said looking at me with hopeful eyes. Those were the six words that I dreaded, and that I knew the answer for. Of course I liked Harry, but it didn't mean I had to go out with him did it? I completely wasn't ready for a relationship, I had just broke up with my boyfriend, who had been going out with me for 7 months, that was a tough relationship to get over. 

"Look Harry, I really like you too, but the thing is, I just got out of a serious relationship, and I don't think It's a good idea to rush into things. I'm sorry." Was all I could say. He looked down and stared at the ground for a moment and then, got up. "Yeah, It's fine, I understand, message understood." He said looking pissed off.

"Harry, please don't be angry with me, I said I was sorry." I pleaded.

"Yeah well whatever, I mean, I'm freaking Harry Styles for gods sake!" He almost shouted. "How could you say no to me!"

"Harry, you are being really arrogant! Just because your rich and famous doesn't make me want to go out with you more! Your just a normal human being, like everyone else. So don't give me all this shit about ""I'm Harry Styles. You HAVE to go out with me"" You can't force me into it, like I said, I'm sorry." I was really angry for what he just said to me. I got up and grabbed my purse, and slammed his bedroom door. I ran down the stairs, close to tears, I made for the front door. "Hey, Katie, whats wrong?" I heard Louis say. "Nothing, I'm fine, I just need some fresh air." I said and slammed the front door. I went out onto the streets, and pulled up my hoodie and walked away from the flat. "I'm freaking Harry Styles!" Urggghh I actually can't believe he said that to me! He is so arrogant. I made my way towards the park and sat down on one of the swings. It was 6:18pm now, so I wouldn't be back until, I don't know, until about 7? At the moment I didn't want to go back into the flat, I was so angry. I cried as I swang on the swing. I sat there for about 20 mins, but I soon began to get cold. It was really dark, darker than before when I left the flat. My phone began buzzing I took it out. It said Unknown on it, I picked it up wondering who it was. 

Me: "Hello?"

Stranger: "Hey It's Louis, I heard what happened, are you okay? Where are you?"

Me: "Oh hey Louis. Ummmm I'm at the park at the moment."

Louis: "Okay, I'm on my way. Don't listen to what Harry said, he isn't in a good place at the moment."

Me: "Okay, I'll see you in a minute."

Louis: "Okay, Bye!"

I put my phone back into my pocket. And sat there humming, waiting for Louis. "Are you Katie Hemmingsfield?" Asked a stranger from behind me. I couldn't quite see there face, but I knew from the voice that it was a man. "Y-yes, that's me." I said rather scared. Suddenly this hand out of nowhere grabbed me and pinned me to the ground. Another person came up and started kicking me in the side, in the stomach and in the face. All around me, pain shot through my body. I screamed out in pain, but no one heard me. This is it. This is when I die. I thought. I lay there, helpless, trying to get out of their grip, but failing. But then suddenly I heard a mans voice. "What the hell is happening? Oh, my god, KATIE!" It was Louis, I wanted to shout his name, but that's when everything went black.

Harry's P.O.V.

I decided that it was time to tell Katie about how I felt. She was talking about Niall and her friend Ivy. but then she noticed that I was nervous. "Harry whats wrong?" She said looking down at me. I said nothing, but she still asked again. I then bit the bullet and asked her, of course she would say yes, but I couldn't be sure. "I'm sorry." That was all I heard from her rambling answer, I'm sorry. How could she say no to me! I've never been rejected. I told her how I now felt. She got angry with me, and  left the room. I then heard the front door slam. Louis then came up to my room and asked what happened. I told him what she said to me, and then what I said back. He listened and nodded, and then finally spoke when I was finished. "Harry, why the hell did you say that? Of course you would of sounded like an arrogant prick!" He half shouted at me. He was right, I thought. "I'll go after her." I said getting up. "NO!" He said pushing me back down to the bed. "I'll call her and tell her I'm on my way, she probably doesn't want to see you right now." He was right. God why was Lou right about most things? "Fine." I said grumpily.

Louis P.O.V.

I listened to Harry's story. Poor Katie, she must have felt awful, when Harry shouted at her. But then again she must have been really angry when he answered. I went to call her and tell her that I was on my way. I came out of the flat, and it was pitch black outside. The only light that was generating was the street lamp at the end of our street.  I walked in the direction of the park. I suddenly heard shouts, and screams. I ran to where the sounds where coming from, the park. I shouted out into the darkness of the park. "What the hell?" I then saw Katie's face dripping with blood. "Oh my god, KATIE" I shouted. I ran over to her, and the men must have ran away. She was unconscious, but not dead. Her face was damp from the blood that trickled from her head and her body was in cuts and bruises. Shit. Shit. Shit. I dialed 911 and called for an ambulance. I got in the ambulance with her as they drove her to the hospital. 


Hey Guys, this is my second book and first chapter. Please tell me what you think down below in the comments box. I really enjoy writing this and I hope that you enjoy reading it! Thanks for reading! 

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