My Fantasy- 2 Broken Dreams

(Sequel to My Fantasy) After Harry's unexpected question, Katie doesn't know what to say. But her answer is backed up, as she has a reason for saying.....
Her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise visit, costing Katie all sorts of problems..... How will she get out of it this easily?


23. Shopping and Interview

Ivy and I walked out of Starbucks, still talking about the boy at the counter.

"So, when are you going to call him?" She asked excitedly.

"I'm not going to call him, Ivy. I still haven't got over...Harry." I mumbled looking down.

"Oh babe, I'm sorry, of course you don't have to rush into things. You can call him anytime, hun. Call him next week, huh?" She said rubbing my back.

"Yeah....yeah, I will. Now lets go and do some hard-core shopping!" I said. She grinned and then pulled me towards the shopping centre. We ended up going to Topshop, New Look, Primemark, H&M, River Island, and so so so many more shops. 

"Ivy, please can we go back to yours? It's already 1pm and I'm exhausted. My arms ache from my bags, my ba-"

"Quit ya' whining, ya' blithering idiot." She said. I pretended to look offended, but we both just ended up laughing. "C'mon you're coming back to mine." Ivy said dragging me back down the street. 


We dropped our bags down on her bed and then sat on it. "What do you wanna do?" She asked.

"I don't mind, wanna watch some telly?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure great idea." She flicked on the telly and we were watching some teen programme, don't judge us and all. We were just really bored. Suddenly 1D news came on. Ivy quickly got up and changed the channel.

"No, Ivy it's fine. Go back to it. I want to see." She sighed and then turned back to 1D news. The lady on the telly was just talking about their tour and how it was going. Then they went to one of the interviews with the boys. There was a man sitting on a chair, and the boys all piled onto a couch.

"Welcome One Direction everyone." The man said. The studio started clapping, and he carried on. "So boys, how has the tour been so far?"

"It's been brilliant. The fans have been so supportive, and it really paid off the hard work we put in." Liam said.

"Hmmm good good, yes. And what has been the highlight of the tour so far?" He asked again. Niall brightened up and said,

"Oh my gosh, the food. Definitely the food. It's sooo tasty!" He said. This made me and Ivy burst out laughing. Typical Niall, always going on about his food. The interviewer laughed and then asked the next question,

"So boys anyone at home your missing?" They all looked at each other and smiled.

"Yeah, I miss my girlfriend Ivy." Niall said. I could see from the corner of my eye, Ivy blushing, I nudged her and said, "Ohhh aye aye!" She playfully slapped me.

"And you Harry? Anyone you're missing in particular at the moment?" Harry looked up from the boys as he was messing around, they all looked away awkwardly and then Harry said,

"Yeah, I'm missing my Mum so much, and my lil' sis Gemma. I can't wait to see them as soon as we get back." Harry didn't say me. He had moved on. He doesn't love me. He hates me. I burst into tears uncontrollably and started crying. Ivy turned the telly on and husshhh'd me.

"Hey, hey babe, it's gonna be fine." She said cuddling me.

"Yeah..b-but.....he hates me...h-he doesn't l-love me anymore." I said crying.

"Of course he does but he probably doesn't want to talk about it, ya'know with the fans and all watching." I nodded, she did have a good point. But inside I just knew I was right. He didn't love me anymore. And I needed to forget him. Forever. 

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