My Fantasy- 2 Broken Dreams

(Sequel to My Fantasy) After Harry's unexpected question, Katie doesn't know what to say. But her answer is backed up, as she has a reason for saying.....
Her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise visit, costing Katie all sorts of problems..... How will she get out of it this easily?


12. Reunited

Katie's P.O.V.

I got to the end of the street, and went in the direction of the nearest town. People stared at me, as I walked down the pavement. I kept my head low, as I didn't want much attention. I finally saw in the distance, the London Eye. Brilliant, so I was still in London. I looked at the signs, looking for the name of the nearest town that Harry lived to so I could find him. I finally found it and it said that it was 5 miles down the road. I walked there slowly, trying to pick up the pace. The pain in my leg was now excruciating, but I didn't care because I was gonna get out of this okay. I was gonna find Harry and then we will never be separated again. Okay so I had done about a mile now and I was already tired and it had taken me about 30 mins, but still I wasn't gonna give up this easily. It was going to get dark soon and the sun was already beginning to settle. But I carried on, I couldn't care less if the world was doomed tomorrow, all I needed to do was find Harry, because I loved him, even though I never had the guts to say it to his face. But I loved him, and I needed to find him now.

Two Hours later

I finally saw the familiar street of Harry's flat and I practically ran there. I got to the steps and rang the buzzer of Harry's flat. Seems that Robbie must have taken everything of mine, including my key to Harry's. Suddenly the familiar voice of Harry's came on. It sounded groggy, tired and washed out.

"Hello? Can I help you?" He said. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes, thinking of how he will react when he knows that it's me. And that I'm safe. "Hello.....?" He asked again.

".....Harry?" I asked hoping he would know it's me.

"W-who....who is this s-speaking?" He said not sure.

"It's me....Katie." I said finally.

"Oh my god. I'm coming down right now. Stay there!" I could here the sobs that were coming out of his mouth when he finished. I heard footsteps booming down the Hall, echoing, so I could here outside. The door suddenly swung open and Harry was standing there shocked but pleased and upset at the same time. He ran down the steps and hugged me, and cried. I cried too. He just stood there and was about to pick me up when I screamed out in pain. I couldn't hold it in anymore. My leg was throbbing. He stopped stood back and then got out his phone. "Hello? Yes we need an ambulance now please, yes thank you." He looked back at me then said, "Katie, what's wrong, where are you hurt? Who did this to you? Oh my god are you okay? I've missed you so much... that it...hurt..." He piled the questions on to me, but then he said the one feeling that was inside me.

"Harry....I...Yes it hurt me too to be away from you and I think....I think that i'm in love with you." I said, looking down. I felt his gave boring into to me and I looked up and he was... well shocked. 

" don't know how long I've wanted to say this to you but I love you too with all my heart." He came over to me and kissed me on the lips. The pain kept shooting down my leg and I winced in pain. Harry noticed and broke away. "Katie...what has this person done to you? I swear whoever it was will pay."

"It was Robbie." I said looking away.

"....Robbie? I swear i'm gonna kill that shit. What has he done to you?" He said. He caressed my cheek and traced the cuts and bruises over my face. He took my hand in his and then gasped. "Katie what has he done to your hand?" He held my hand out and I noticed the cut that I did today by accident.

"That was me by accident today, when I was trying to escape." I said looking down. I didn't really want to talk about it now. Soon the faint sound of the ambulance came, and he looked at me, "Ready?" He said. I looked into his emerald eyes and said, "Always." The ambulance came and the paramedics came out and helped me onto the ambulance. Harry came on too. 

We were soon at the hospital and the men found me a wheel chair and wheeled me to a room, they then lifted me up onto the bed and I sat there waiting for a doctor to come and talk to me. They first took mt into x-ray, and as I waited for the results the nurse came and attended to my cuts and bruises. All the boys were outside the room including Perrie and Ivy. I have never actually met Perrie before, but I'm sure she is really nice. Zayn talk a lot about her.

The doctor came back in and smiled at me. "Miss Hemmingsfield, I've just taken a look at your results and they say that you've broken your leg and torn a couple of ligaments, but not to worry you'll be on crutches for about 4 weeks. The other doctor will now come and check in any internal problems." He left me and I sat on my bed wishing that the boys were allowed to come into my room and talk with me. After I got my cast done and given my crutches I hopped back to my room with the doctor that was now going to check if everything was okay with my organs etc. He checked my heart beat, on my front and then on my back and then on my lower back. He then asked me some questions about how I was feeling and then said, "Your heart rate isn't going at a good pace and you need to be checked for any other injury's by a female nurse." He then left the room and a nurse came in. She was short but very pretty and her hair was short in a bob. She then took me to the bathroom, and I had to undress to my underwear. She then examined my body, writing things down on her notepad. She suddenly gasped. I turned to see what she was looking at. "Miss Hemmingsfield have you seen this yet?" She said and pointed to a giant cut that was slit across my bottom left hand side where my abdomen should be. It was all stitched up, but it was badly done and you could tell that it wasn't done by a professional. She then immediently gives me a gown which I out on then clicks a button on her clothes and suddenly there is a lot of people rushing around me and before I knew it I passed out.


Published [14/11/2012  21:49]

Hey guys, i'm sorry I'm slow at updating and writing long chapters it's just that I've sprained my wrist and it hurts to type, but you guys are worth it, I promise to update everyday when I get back from school, and maybe I will do two chapters if you're lucky! Thanks for reading xx

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