My Fantasy- 2 Broken Dreams

(Sequel to My Fantasy) After Harry's unexpected question, Katie doesn't know what to say. But her answer is backed up, as she has a reason for saying.....
Her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise visit, costing Katie all sorts of problems..... How will she get out of it this easily?


18. Louis and Harry...again

*2 Weeks earlier*

Louis' P.O.V.

For the last 2 weeks Harry hasn't eaten or got any sleep. Neither have I. Nobody really notices though, all they think is, poor Harry his girlfriend is in a coma. But no. Nobody realizes that I love Katie so much, and I'm willing to fight for her. If that means that I can win her back, then that's what I'll do.

I came into the kitchen the next morning, to see that everyone was all sitting up at the counter eating breakfast. Harry was upstairs getting dressed and was about to run downstairs. I was just about to open the door when Liam piped up and said, "Hey Lou, wait for Harry, he's coming too y'know. And take some breakfast before you go, you'll get hungry." Ughhh. Harry this, Harry that. When he said that as if on cue my stomach rumbled. But know I needed to see Katie now. I can't imagine what would happen if she woke up and no one was there. Harry came into the room dressed and made his way to the door. He saw me and stopped, "Where are you going?" He asked looking at me. And saying it as if it was a crime that I had committed.

"Errr... I'm going to the hospital to visit Katie." I said digging my hands deeper into my pockets. He looked up at me and then said,

"Can I see her on my own today, it's just that I'd like some privacy y'know." He said. I felt my blood boil and I couldn't keep my anger in.

"Well guess what Harry? I'd love to see her too. So guess what mate? I'm coming." He looked up with me and pure anger was written on his face,

"Don't "mate" me. I'm going on my own and end of." He said and pushed his way past me but I then started to follow. He turned around and pushed me back and then said, "No. I'm going on my OWN." That's it, I had to let my feelings out.

"GUESS WHAT HARRY STYLES? YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT LIKES KATIE AROUND HERE. I DO! I LOVE HER AND IF IT'S YOU THAT'S STOPPING ME TO GO AND VISIT HER, I WILL FIGHT MYSELF TO GET TO HER!" I shouted. The pure shock on Harry's face was a mixture of hate, anger and shock. He then took and swing at me and threw a punch in right at my nose. I felt the blood trickle down my face and the stinging, throbbing pain that was now kicking in at the side of my face. I then took a swing at him and punched him right in his jaw line. Liam suddenly got up, ran over to is and pulled us apart from each other. 

"Mate, seriously, just stop this now. This is about Katie not you guys okay? This is OVER." He said let go of both of us Harry then stormed out of the house down the stairs and you could hear the sound of his Audi coming into life as he sped down the road. I went up to my room grabbed my jacket and made for the door.

"Where are you going?" Liam asked.

"Out." I said and slammed the front door. I needed some head space and that obviously wasn't going to be at the hospital where Harry was. I went straight to my car got in and just drove. I don't know where I was going but I just drove. And didn't stop.

Harry's P.O.V.

Did Louis just seriously say that? He loved her? Oh my god I swear I'm gonna kill that boy. I punched him right in the nose and I saw the pure shock on his face as he raised his hand to his nose and wincing in pain as he took his hand off and looked at the blood on his hands. He then took a swing right on my jaw line, I stood back holding my jaw. It really hurt. But it wasn't broken, thank god. Liam being the mature one jumped up and grabbed us and tore us apart. "This is OVER." He said and let go of both of us. I stormed out and went straight to my car. I spent most of the day in the hospital just by her side, talking to her. I realized that it was now coming up to about 5:30 and I had been here most of the day by her side. I left the house after our mini fiasco at about 9:20. My phone started to vibrate in my back pocket and I looked at the caller ID, It was Malik;

Harry: "Hey Mate." I said into the phone.

Zayn: "Hey, how you doing?" He asked into the phone, you could tell that that wasn't the reason that he called.

Harry: "I'm good, my jaw stings a little but I'm fine. What's up?" I asked.

Zayn: "Louis isn't with you is he?" Ugh I just hated that name right now and I certainly didn't want to hear it right now. 

Harry: "No. Why would he be?" I asked intrigued now by this story Zayn was about to tell me.

Zayn: "Well when you left this morning he left straight after you. We all thought that he went to the hospital with you, but he didn't and he hasn't come back all day." Thank you lord. That was what I was kinda hoping to hear. The further away he was from Katie, the closer I was to having her. Even though she was mine.

Harry: "Oh well, he probably just needs some head space to think." I said trying to make them not worry at all.

Zayn: "Yeah you're right mate, but we've called him and he hasn't picked up. But I guess you're right. Okay but we won't leave it for more than 24 hours." Ugh they were all worried about their precious little Louis. 

Harry: "Yeah okay well good luck. I'm gonna stay here with Kate tonight because the nurse said she was improving and just might wake up." I said getting off the subject of Louis.

Zayn: "Okay, well that's really good mate. I'll see you tomorrow. Me and the lads are gonna come down and visit her at about lunch time tomorrow, Niall insists we bring Nandos." I laughed at what he said about Niall.

Harry: "Okay mate, I'll see you tomorrow, bye." 

Zayn: "Yeah, bye." I hung up and stuffed the phone back into my pocket and put all my attention back on Katie and held her hand caressing it with my thumb. This is what I did most days. Just spent like this.


*2 Days later*

Zayn's P.O.V.

Louis hasn't come home yet, and we're all getting really worried. He isn't picking up his phone and we have no idea where he is. Liam and I today agreed that we would call the police to track him down by his mobile. So at this present moment in time the police are in our house asking us questions. They nodded when we told them the story and then left after getting Louis number. 

A couple of hours past and soon the phone rang. It was the police."Hello, is this Mr. Malik I'm speaking to?"

"Yes it is. Is there any news?" I asked.

"Yes, we have managed to trace his phone to north west of England. Looks like he's in Rochdale. You may follow our car if you like to find him as we have the exact place of where he is. Looks like he isn't moving so we may need to hurry if he was in a state when he left as he may have done something stupid. We will arrive in about 10 minutes." I thanked him, hung up and called up to Liam and Niall. They came running down the stairs about 5 mins later ready to go, I explained the situation to them and by the time I had finished the police where already here. We all jumped into my Black Audi TT RS.

We followed the Police and it took about 5 hours all together. We soon found Louis lying in his car asleep. We thanked the police, after they took some information and questions. We picked Lou up and I placed him in the back of my car. Niall jumped out of mine and got into Louis. Niall followed us back to London in Louis car and as we arrived at the flat we took Louis up in the lift. 

The next morning he was really grumpy because he got taken back and wouldn't talk to any of us and locked himself in his room. But we're sure he will improve in a couple of weeks.


Published [25/11/2012  14:00]


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